10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

Yes, the movies have damaged our love for us all in many ways; they have instilled unreasonable expectations in us and taught us that all we had to do was wait for our Prince Charming.

We took the opportunity of creating the perfect assortment of movies and episodes now available on Netflix in honor of National Kissing Day on June 22nd in the United States. We’ve got the best options for you, whether you’re viewing with a spouse, single and want to live vicariously via others, or just want to enjoy some good old-fashioned romance.

List Of the Shows to Watch on National Kissing Day

The kissing booth

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

Would it truly be National Kissing Day if we didn’t start with that? The saga of the kissing booth No, we don’t believe so! The films, which star Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney, are about forbidden love, young love, and friendship. Overall, the series is a fantastic, straightforward timepiece that will satiate all of your smoochy desires.

“When a gorgeous young lady who has never been kissed agrees to manage a kissing booth, her world is flipped upside down when she unintentionally locks her lips to her hidden crush.”

Isn’t It Lovely? (2019)

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

Rebel Wilson and Chris Hemsworth feature in this entertaining romantic comedy. After a city mugger knocks out an unlucky-in-love New York City architect, she awakens to find her world flipped upside down. The official summary for the film is as follows:

“Natalie is an architect who is knocked out during a mugging attempt and awakens in a parallel dimension with all the trappings of a romantic comedy.”

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To all the males I’ve previously adored

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

We couldn’t picture National Kissing Day without viewing one of our favorite adolescent rom-com, in addition to That Kissing Booth. To begin, we recommend watching the first film in the franchise, but don’t be intimidated; you can see them all in one day. It’s really simple. Lara Jean is played by Lana Condor, while Peter Kavinsky is played by Noah Centineo. The official summary for the movie is as follows:

“What if all the crushes you’ve ever had discovered out how you felt about them all of a sudden?” When the love letters for every male she’s ever loved—five in total—are mysteriously mailed, Lara Jean Song Covey’s love life escalates from imagined to out of control.”

You’re a nice girl (2020)

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

A Nice Girl Like You is a racy film that follows a shy and prudish violinist as she comes to terms with her sexual awakening after establishing a bucket list of all the things she wants to do in the realm of sex. Lucy Hale, a Pretty Little Liars alum, plays the lead in the film.

“A violinist develops a very outrageous to-do list after being accused of being too constrained by her ex-boyfriend, sending her on a whirlwind quest of self-discovery.”

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Life/Sex (2020)

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

We couldn’t leave this one off the list because it’s one of our favorites! The hot and seductive series follows bored housewife Billy as she reconnects with her ex and reminisces about their heated and poisonous relationship.

“A suburban mother of two embarks on a fantasy-fueled journey down memory lane, bringing her happily married present into conflict with her wild-child past.”

Alex Strangelove (2018)

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

It’s not just National Kissing Day, but it’s also Pride Month, and we couldn’t leave out our fave LGBTQ+ rom-com! The movie is totally rational, and the performers’ connection is evident! Daniel Doheny, Madeline Weinstein, and Antonio Marziale feature in the film. The official summary for the movie is as follows:

“When high school senior Alex Truelove meets the equally attractive Elliot, his plan to lose his virginity to his wonderful buddy Claire goes astray.”

Stopper of the heart (2022)

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

Heartstopper, the immensely humorous, wholesome, and uplifting LGBTQ+ series, had to be our first choice! It’s a must-see, and it’s perfectly in keeping with Kissy Day’s theme. The film features two high school lads who are each other’s first loves, according to the official series synopsis:

“As they negotiate school and youthful love in this coming-of-age story, Charlie and Nick learn their unexpected relationship could be something more.”

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Jane the Virgin (2014)

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

Yes, we realize this is a bit of an obvious pick, but come on! Jane the Virgin is a classic and a fantastic option for National Kissing Day because one of the most prominent themes throughout the program was our favorite Latina’s exquisite, time-stopping kisses with both Rafael and Michael. The official series summary is as follows:

“Jane tries to keep her unexpected pregnancy from taking over her life, but life is anything from normal with her mother Xiomara urging her to sue the doctor who unintentionally inseminated her and her continuous run-ins with the baby’s biological father, Rafael.”

Broken Hearts: An Astrological Guide (2021)

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

What’s better than a series that explains why we’re going through our heartaches in a society where astrology and birth signs are so popular? The Italian adaptation follows Alice, who is sad and hopelessly alone until she meets a “charismatic astrological guru” who helps her get her love life and career back on track.

“Alice is sad and single for the rest of her life. She looks to the stars to discover her perfect partner after encountering a charming astrological expert.”

Love is Blind (2020).

10 Movies & Shows To Watch On National Kissing Day

What better way to celebrate National Kissing Day than by having your first kiss with someone after deciding to marry them first? Love is Blind is a Netflix blockbuster reality show that follows numerous couples as they prepare for their wedding day. The show’s official summary reads:

“Singles looking for love who want to be appreciated for who they are rather than how they appear have opted for a less traditional approach to modern dating.”


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