How Does Tenorshare 4uKey Work?


Apple ID has become essential for me to access the iDevices ever since Apple started using iCloud for data storage. Forgetting my Apple ID and password has been one of the biggest difficulties I’ve experienced since I’ve been an iPhone or iPad user for a while, and it happens more frequently than I’d like to admit.

Apple makes it quite difficult for you to access the iDevice, which is probably for the best.

The Apple ecosystem is well-protected against any incursions thanks to Touch ID, Face ID, two-factor authentication, and device-bound unlocking.

Tensoshare makes the bold claim that they have the perfect answer for you if you’ve lost your Apple ID or have a friend or family member who is having this issue. One of the cool tools in this area that I’ll be examining in this piece is Tenorshare 4uKey.


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Tenorshare 4ukey – What Is It?

With the help of Tenorshare 4uKey, you can bypass Apple ID and MDM on iOS devices, get rid of the passcode/lock screen and unlock your smartphone.

You don’t have to go through any hurdles to unlock your device if it’s an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch whose Apple ID you’ve forgotten. You can unlock your device in a matter of minutes by downloading the 4uKey on your laptop or desktop.

What Is 4ukey Used For?

Let’s examine what this software can accomplish for you now that you’ve given me an introduction to 4uKey and how it functions.

1. Unlocker for iPhone

Forgetting my iPhone’s screen lock password and being unable to unlock it has become ritualistic for me. In this day and age, when we use our cell phones for both business and social life, forgetting the password to my phone is a particularly nasty scenario.

There is no need to be concerned for any of you others, as I am undoubtedly not the only person dealing with this issue. My iPhone, iPad and even an older iPod Touch that I hadn’t used in over a year were all readily unlocked using the 4uKey. When I “accidentally” entered the wrong password too many times and disabled my iPhone, the 4uKey software’s forgotten iPhone password functionality did come in helpful.

Additionally, if your Apple ID has been disabled, it is really beneficial. 4ukey is meant to assist me in unlocking the phone and restoring my data to an external drive if I ever ended up shattering my iDevice screen to bits. With just a touch of a button, I could also use it to disable Find My iPhone without the password.


2. Remove Passcode

There are methods that enable me to get through the numerical 4-digit or 6-digit passcodes, but none of them have yet been successful in enabling me to access my iPhone if it had been secured with Touch ID or Face ID. The 4uKey saved the day for me at that point.

Since the iPad wasn’t recognizing the proper input, I locked it using Face ID or my fingerprint. I was able to quickly and easily remove any lock screen with the help of 4uKey.

Whatever encryption I set up on the lock screen, whether it is 4-digit or 6-digit passcodes, alphanumeric passwords, bespoke codes, Touch ID, or Face ID, doesn’t matter. My iPad might be unlocked in a matter of minutes with the 4uKey. This eliminates the need to take a gadget like this to a technician and pay exorbitant costs to have the iPhone or iPad unlocked.

3. Back to Factory

I was obviously prompted for my Apple ID and password when I went to clean my iPhone. But what about the fact that I was performing a factory reset in the first place because I had forgotten my password? Without my password, I would have been stuck in this situation, but the 4uKey is here to help.

When I lost the password for my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, 4uKey served as a workaround to factory reset the device. I could just connect my gadget to the computer after I had this software installed and presto! I didn’t need the password to reset the gadget.

4. Bypass MDM

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is a function that is available on the majority of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. With the use of this function, device owners—whether they be private persons or corporate entities—can control a device remotely and monitor its usage.

I was unable to move past the Remote Management login screen since my iPhone is locked by an MDM, thus I was stuck there. 4uKey was my best friend since I was simply sick of my corporate boss knowing everything I did on my iPad.

I only needed to click the 4uKey program to unlock my device from the terrible MDM lock. With this approach, I didn’t even require a username or password to open the lock. I was able to remove MDM profiles from company-issued locked devices by circumventing the MDM lock, and I was free to use all of the iPad’s functions without interference.


5. Remove Screen Time Passcode

Forgetting the Screen Time Limit Passcode is another function that is frequently cited as a justification for employing tools like the uKey. As a parent who wanted to limit the amount of time my children spent in front of screens, especially the younger one, I find this function to be really popular. Even though the Screen Time Limit is a fantastic function, my forgetful self frequently sets time limits but forgets the passcode I used.

In these circumstances, unless I enter the proper passcode—yes, the one I forgot—the phone keeps displaying a Time Limit notification. I didn’t have to reset my smartphone or lose any crucial data by using the 4uKey to unlock the Screen Time Limit Passcode in three easy steps.

How Does 4u Key Work?

Even though this was my first time using the 4uKey to unlock a phone, I didn’t find the software’s interface to be intimidating. A step-by-step tutorial on using 4uKey to erase the Screen Time Passcode on your iPad or iPhone is provided below. Let’s begin immediately.

  1. Install the application on your computer after downloading it. You can get it from this page if you haven’t already.
  2. Click “Start” to launch 4uKey and start the procedure.
  3. Utilize a Lightning cable to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to the PC. The device will be immediately detected by 4uKey.
  4. If this is your first time connecting an iDevice to this computer, you might be prompted to “Trust” it. Click “Next” on the program window.
  5. You will have the option to begin unlocking your device after a short while. To continue, click ‘Start Remove’.
  6. The Screen Time Passcode will be removed from your device by 4uKey after a short while. You must continue to keep it linked to your computer throughout this process.
  7. If the “Find My iPhone” feature is enabled, you will also be prompted to turn it off. Do so and then tap OK.
  8. The iDevice will restart after the lock has been removed and display the Hello.
  9. On the setup screen, be sure to choose Don’t Transfer Apps & Data, and then select Set Up Later for Screen Time.
  10. There you have it, then! You can now use your device once more because it has been unlocked.

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What I Enjoyed

Let’s look at the features of this software that I enjoyed now that I’ve covered the fundamentals of the 4uKey and how it functions.

  • Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch might have any form of passcode or Touch ID/Face ID removed.
  • Without having access to the ID’s password, I was able to delete the Apple ID that was logged into your device.
  • My favorite feature was the capability to disable the Screen Time Limit feature.
  • The MDM screen and related MDM accounts could be deleted.

What Would Be More Ideal

Since I’ve previously mentioned the advantages, let’s look at the characteristics that could be improved.

  • Without further control over how it is used, this instrument has a high potential for misuse.
  • My iPhone was immediately updated to iOS 15 after using this application, thus I suggest users secure backups wherever possible before using the tool.
  • I had to buy the software because the trial version didn’t let me use all of the capabilities.

The Result

Our conclusion is that the 4uKey is a fantastic tool that can be very useful. With the use of this tool, I was able to quickly unlock both my iPhone and iPad from any lock. Other iPhone screen locking removal tools may have had one or more features, but 4ukey was one of the few that provided all of them in a single package.

It didn’t take me long to get acclimated to the user interface, and my favorite feature was being able to locate a tonne of lessons and video guides from Tensorshare to get me started. However, there is a lot of potential for this tool to be utilized in an improper way. Therefore, I advise you to exercise extra caution to prevent anyone from abusing it.

Don’t believe me? Download the 4ukey tool now and try it out for free. When you’re satisfied with the tool, you can unlock all the features by purchasing the complete version (pricing starts at $35.95).


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