5 details you definitely missed in The Last Of Us episode 4

5 details you definitely missed in The Last Of Us episode 4

In contrast to the video game, last week’s episode of The Last of Us focused more on Bill and Frank. In the most recent episode, we saw Joel and Ellie face new obstacles as they continued their search for Tommy. On the other hand, beneath the surface lies a wealth of interesting information and hidden gems of lore. Below, we examine the top easter eggs in Episode 4 of The Last of Us that you shouldn’t miss.

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5. No Pun Intended

At the beginning of the most recent episode of The Last of Us, Ellie approaches Joel as he steals gas from an abandoned car. Ellie hopes that by distracting Joel with a book of jokes while he works, she can improve his mood and keep him from hating his job. The book in question is a collectible item from the video game and goes by the name No Pun Intended: Volume Too.

4. Bill’s raunchy magazine

After filling up on gas, the two get back in the truck and continue looking for Tommy. Ellie later finds a magazine belonging to Bill in the back of the truck as they travel along. As Ellie examined the racy magazine, Joel warned her to put it away. Ellie opens it and exclaims aloud, “How can anyone walk with a body like that?” While driving, she has the unexpected thought of wondering why the pages are stuck together.

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3. A video game character makes a cameo

The local community of Kansas City has successfully overthrown FEDRA. This militia group, led by series original character Kathleen, is on the lookout for former FEDRA collaborators. She has a burly sidekick named Perry by her side who acts as if he were her right hand man. Even though he seems ordinary at first glance, there’s more to this The Last of Us easter egg than meets the eye.

2. Joel and Coffee

Joel can be seen reheating something in their camp just before the two leave for Kansas City. This becomes apparent to Ellie as she takes a whiff of the coffee Joel is preparing. Ellie comments on the odour of the drink later on in the car, asking how Joel can stomach it. Joel quickly gulps down some coffee and keeps on truckin’ down the highway.

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1. Henry and Sam

Two young people are seen holding Joel and Ellie at gunpoint at the end of Episode 4 of The Last of Us. One of them is older and is revealed to be Henry, whom Kathleen has been trying to find since the beginning of the episode. His younger brother Sam is the youngster in the photo.

Playing as survivors in Pittsburgh, Henry and Sam are looking for a place to hide out in the video game. The brothers, while on the run, run into Joel and Ellie and decide to work together to get out of the city. The brothers’ shared optimism for survival is dashed when a tragedy befalls one of them, prompting Joel to resort to extreme measures.

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