5 Laptop Tricks & Tips For Maximum Productivity

5 Laptop Tricks & Tips For Maximum Productivity

Laptops are adored by all. They are effective, powerful, and portable. But not everyone can afford to buy the latest laptop models that come out every year.

Most of us (if not all of us) hold onto our laptops until they start to wheeze. Even then, we continue to look for methods to extend their usefulness in some way.

What can you do to make your old laptop last longer? How can you get a new one for a little less money? And what fundamental advice and techniques are a must-know if you want to keep your laptop in peak condition?

We have identified five simple ways to reduce laptop costs or extend the life of an outdated laptop.

Start by Following These Recommendations to Keep Your Laptop in Excellent Condition:

Kitchen Tinkering

5 Laptop Tricks & Tips For Maximum Productivity

Life hacks that demonstrate how to use common items to maintain organization may be found all over the Internet.

Some of them are adorable, like labeling your cords with plastic squares from bread packages or cleaning your keyboard with the sticky side of a Post-It®, but the one that works best for me—and you will too—is using big industrial-sized binder clips to keep your cords fastened to your desk.

The reason behind this hack. It’s because I detest having to search for the peripheral cord when I arrive home because it slips down the back of the desk when I detach it from my laptop.

It irritates me. It’s annoying. And it’s irritating. Rather, you fasten the sizable binder clip to the desk before threading the cord through the metal loop at the other end.

Put some felt around the edge of the desk where the clip will be if you don’t want to ruin a nice desk. Additionally, be certain to purchase clips that fit your USB or power cables.

Oh, the several backaches I’ve saved by not scouring behind the desk for misplaced cords, even though not all cables work with this approach.

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Cards to Increase Storage

5 Laptop Tricks & Tips For Maximum Productivity

You’re short on funds but want a new, slick UltrabookTM. You’ll notice that costs for various models vary, primarily due to the available storage.

Here’s a piece of advice: don’t buy a pricey laptop and then increase its price. Accept a smaller hard disc and supplement it with SD cards or external hard drives to increase your storage capacity.

For instance, you might get a laptop with a 128GB SSD, like the Acer Aspire Switch 11. Another comparable laptop with a 512GB SSD is on display, although it costs around $300 more.

Consider the following before putting that down right away. You can add up to 128GB of extra storage if your smartphone has an SD or MicroSD slot (it has to handle SDXC or microSDXC cards).

If your device has a USB port, you can add up to 128GB of Flash storage using a USB stick (buy low-profile micro transceivers to prevent the card from protruding or obstructing regular use, as seen below).

For around $100, 256GB of memory can be added to the 128GB of installed memory. Why spend money on a larger hard drive when you can just swap out these drives?

Maintain Your Battery

5 Laptop Tricks & Tips For Maximum Productivity

A laptop with low-rated battery life is the most aggravating thing ever. Who would want to finish a day’s worth of work? All-day battery life is something you want and should demand.

Attempt that with luck. Check the rated battery life of a product whenever you buy a new laptop. Consider the following advice if you already own a laptop.

Battery-saving mode should always be active. Every laptop ought to have one, hidden away among the programs or applications that came with your device. Many are also customizable, allowing you to combine useful usage with energy-saving practices.

Brighten the display. This destroys batteries. Consider dimming your display if you’re traveling cross-country and the cabin is sufficiently dark.

Wireless and auxiliary devices should be disconnected. These are the items that will drain your battery unexpectedly.

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External peripherals, USB flash drives, and other gadgets can drain your battery, sometimes without your knowledge.

Turn off the Wi-Fi. Use the trackpad if you don’t require the mouse because wireless (including Bluetooth) gadgets may also drain your battery.

Attention cross-country business travelers: make sure the wireless gadget is off, even when tucked away in your bag. Your laptop will get tired from constantly looking for the associated signal.

The Wi-Fi signal may always be turned off; if your laptop doesn’t have a hard switch, do it through the settings.

obtain an SSD. If you can, swap out your spindle drive for an SSD. Traditional hard drives need a lot of energy to spin, and the constant searching of the disc over a short period of time will shorten battery life.

If the budget allows, think about upgrading it as using the SSD typically consumes much less power. Additionally, your body will appreciate it.

Avoid Consuming Anything Near Your Laptop

5 Laptop Tricks & Tips For Maximum Productivity

I understand your thoughts. I don’t need someone to tell me this. But you’d be shocked at how quickly we forget.

How often have you been to a coffee shop and watched individuals tapping away at laptops while consuming a double soy protein sponge-infused cappuccino with half the caffeine and a huge blueberry muffin?

A laptop keyboard is built-in and located just above several rather important components, in contrast to your desktop computer, whose keyboard may be readily replaced.

If you add it to your half-caf, you’ll likely have to pay full price for a replacement laptop rather than just a keyboard.

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Your pets may present issues

5 Laptop Tricks & Tips For Maximum Productivity

We know that you adore them. Nothing is more enjoyable than working on your laptop next to H.R. Fluff’n’Stuff who is curled up on the desk or playing tennis ball boogie with ChihuahuaSaurus Rex in between sessions.

All that pet hair does, however, go someplace, and that somewhere is typically the air, speaker, or peripheral vent on the side or bottom of your laptop, along with dryer lint, loose hair, and plain old dirt.

This is especially true of older laptops because contemporary Ultrabooks and their ilk have unibody constructions that keep the fluff out.

However, if you do have pet dander in your life, you should periodically shoot compressed air into those vents using a can.

A laptop’s interior components are severely damaged by a buildup of pet hair and other dirt particles, which is also the main reason for internal short-circuiting and heat flares.

And as we all know, it’s much more difficult to recover from a heat flare than it is from H.R. Fluff’n’Stuff’s disappointed look.


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