5 Netflix Shows To Watch After You Finish Lucifer: Check The List Of The Dramatic Series

5 Netflix Shows To Watch After You Finish Lucifer

When it comes to urban fantasy, Netflix’s Lucifer has all the ingredients to provide a fascinating and credible adventure. Even with the devil himself posing as a regular person (not really) and attempting to solve crimes, there is something genuinely delightful about this drama.

While it’s difficult to compare Lucifer to other streaming services or network television shows, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting shows to watch after it.

After all, after you’ve binge-watched every episode of Lucifer (perhaps numerous times), you’ll be looking for something fresh to watch.

Fortunately, we have some ideas. Even if these programmes don’t deliver on every aspect that makes Lucifer so entertaining to watch, there is something about them that makes them a wonderful complement to the drama.

If you like Lucifer, you should check out these five Netflix shows.

The Order is a Netflix programme similar to Lucifer.

5 Netflix Shows To Watch After You Finish Lucifer

The Order is another Netflix series that transcends category, combining aspects from all of these various sorts of programmes into one magnificent series.

It’s fantastic! It’s humorous, dramatic, and mysterious, but it also has all of the fantastical and supernatural components that we like.

The sitcom follows Jack, a first-year student at Belgrave University portrayed by Jake Manley. He joins a mystical secret club while simultaneously being involved with another group that loves to scream at the moon.

The Order is now available on Netflix in two seasons, and we’re hoping for a third season!

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Shows similar to Lucifer on Netflix: 2. Rush

5 Netflix Shows To Watch After You Finish Lucifer

Despite the fact that Netflix’s liberal nudity restrictions enabled us to see more of Tom Ellis than we ever saw on Fox, there are moments when you simply want to see a little more. There’s no debate there. In this little-known medical drama that aired on USA Network in 2014, you may see Ellis completely dressed yet incredibly wicked.

Dr William P. Rush (of course) is played by Ellis, who is sacked from his job as a typical doctor due to his excessive drinking. Rush then works as a concierge doctor, visiting wealthy clients in their homes and charging thousands of dollars for treatment and confidentiality.

Then he spends the money on drugs and partying even harder. It’s a unique twist on the medical drama, eschewing the heroic doctor in favour of a doctor who will almost certainly be tormented by Lucifer in hell. Rush isn’t accessible on any subscription services, however, the whole season can be purchased for $5 as of this writing.

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Shows similar to Lucifer on Netflix: 3. Grimm

5 Netflix Shows To Watch After You Finish Lucifer

Nick Burkhardt is a murder investigator who also happens to be an expert supernatural hunter. He comes from a line of hunters known as “Grimms,” and he fights bad powers with the support of his comrades.

It’s famous for its mystery components as well as the stylish portrayal of the characters.

Although there isn’t much in the way of humour like Lucifer here, the occult and horror themes are impossible to ignore. The supernatural cases in Grimm are likewise well-written and pertinent to the broader plot.

4. Constantine, a Netflix show similar to Lucifer

5 Netflix Shows To Watch After You Finish Lucifer

If you like Lucifer’s otherworldly antics — and who doesn’t? — then check out this NBC comedy that combines strange procedural cases with a wicked sense of humour.

Because they’re both from the DC Comics world, the character Constantine – a detective who investigates the occult — has a history with the Devil we all know and love.

In reality, the two met in The CW’s most recent annual crossover event, when Constantine (Matt Ryan) sought assistance from Tom Ellis’ Lucifer on another Earth, proving that they’ve met before and are ready for their own Netflix crossover event.

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Lucifer-like Netflix programmes include 5. Supernatural

5 Netflix Shows To Watch After You Finish Lucifer

Supernatural and Lucifer seem like a natural fit. Although the programmes are very different, they have many common themes.

Supernatural features the Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, who are portrayed by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and will conclude later this autumn. The duo travels around the nation in search of monsters, demons, and other supernatural beings.

The show has been running for 15 seasons! Seasons 15! The first 14 seasons are now available on Netflix. This autumn, Netflix will release the last season of Supernatural.


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