5 New Shows And Movies To Stream on Apple TV+

5 New Shows And Movies To Stream on Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s library of already available material is expanding, but the list of projects in development is growing at an even faster rate. From feature films to limited series to specials to multi-season shows, Apple is working on a wide range of projects.

All streaming providers are vying for our full attention as the streaming wars resume this weekend, and we’re here for it! However, we feel that quality is more important than quantity, and Apple TV+ is all about quality.

Even though Netflix and HBO Max are more well-known and widely used, don’t discount Apple TV+ just because it’s a smaller player. Look out Netflix! Paramount+ and Peacock, two smaller providers, have also surprised us recently.

If you’re a new subscriber, you’ve got a lot to look forward to this weekend. Already a subscriber to Apple TV+? What a terrific sense of style! The following is a list of things you can watch online this weekend if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest releases.

This weekend, what can you watch on Apple TV+?’

There is a new season of Physical! Season 2 will premiere on June 3rd.

5 New Shows And Movies To Stream on Apple TV+

An unhappy housewife (Rose Byrne) is depicted in this dark comedy as she battles her inner critic on a daily basis.

The season finale of Shining Girls airs on June 3, so don’t miss it!

5 New Shows And Movies To Stream on Apple TV+

“Shining Girls,” starring Elisabeth Moss, tells the story of Kirby, a newspaper archivist at the Chicago Sun-Times in the early ’90s.

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‘Now & Then,’ episode five, aired on Wednesday, June 3rd.

5 New Shows And Movies To Stream on Apple TV+

When the lives of a group of college friends are forever transformed when a joyful weekend ends with one of them dead, the film addresses the differences between teenage hopes and the reality of maturity.

Episode 5 of The Essex Serpent will air on Wednesday, June 3rd.

5 New Shows And Movies To Stream on Apple TV+

When Cora (played by Claire Danes) goes to Essex in Victorian England, she gets obsessed with local mythology about a mythological serpent that haunts the area.

Episode 5 of Tehran was broadcast on Wednesday, June 3rd.

5 New Shows And Movies To Stream on Apple TV+

Tehran is a Moshe Zonder production for Israeli public broadcaster Kan 11 and a spy thriller television series.

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Friday, June 3, appears to be a jam-packed day! What are your plans for Apple TV+ this weekend? Your go-to streaming platform for entertainment? If so, which one is in need of some improvement?

What’s more? The platform has yet to deliver its full potential! Here are some things to keep an eye out for All Mankind season 3 premieres June 10, Cha Cha Real Smooth premieres June 17, and Home season 2 premieres June 17. If you needed a reason to join up for an Apple TV+ subscription, this was it!

Streaming Apple TV+’s free shows

A little confusing, but the TV app is the only place to find Apple TV+ content, but the TV app also includes series and movies you can buy or rent from the Apple Store, material from other apps like Amazon Prime and Disney+, and Apple TV Channels.

In the View Now interface, Apple doesn’t seem to differentiate between stuff that you own and can watch and Apple’s recommendations.

Open the Apple TV app on your device and select the Originals option to begin using Apple TV+. TV+’s logo is used to identify this tab on some systems.)

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Go to the Apple TV+ channel page by clicking this button. Apple TV+ episodes and movies can be sorted into categories such as comedy, drama, and family fun on this page.

In comparison to the native TV app on your device, the content on tv.apple.com is far more limited. When you finish an episode, neither the website nor the Mac TV program will automatically offer the following episode if you’d like to skip the intro.


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