5 Practical Tips For Your Sportswear!

5 Practical Tips For Your Sportswear!

It would be an understatement to call myself the consignment queen. The hunter of secondhand shops. If they’re cool enough, I don’t mind wearing other people’s old shoes.

I will gladly spend $2 on a jacket and take off the sleeves to make the vest of my dreams. One of my favorite past times is exploring new places. I prefer to make it my own.

It’s usually not worth it to buy used athletic clothing because it frequently falls apart, especially if it’s tight-fitting. Despite numerous shampooing sessions, there will always be that unpleasant smell in sweaty stretch pants.

Finding the appropriate clothing for all of my sporting endeavors can be challenging, especially if you cross-train on a tight budget.

The Handing-Me-Off

Bicycles are ridden by my hubby. More financially flexible friends flee. The karma seems to work in a similar way that I enjoy giving away clothing and equipment to others who can utilize it more effectively.

I frequently accept others’ “it’s too tight in the tummy” tank tops, x-small menswear stuff, or outdated layers that I have other plans for. I do this willingly and cheerfully. I accept these things gratefully and at face value, planning to decide what will become of them later.

Sometimes I build a raggedy-cool tank by cutting the sleeves off old cycling jerseys. This allows me to still have all the pockets I need without being constrained by armbands or having unsightly farmer tan lines.

Frequently, even a “bigger” men’s jersey drapes better this way, in my opinion. I wear a colorful sports bra or layer a small tank underneath if the shoulder hole makes me feel too exposed.

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Knee-high tweener

5 Practical Tips For Your Sportswear!

The individual fashion component of mountain biking makes it enjoyable. Today, pretty about anything is acceptable. Many mountain bikers are donning longer, fully-covered pocket shorts in all fashions, perhaps to set themselves apart from the spandex-tight road riders.

The sock choice that goes along with this trend has also recently increased to shin-grazing length. I add some outrageously insanely cheap knee-highs from Target’s “tweener” section to this to bring it to a whole new level of panache.

I carry these in heart-shaped blue polka dots, bright pink, and purple stripes. They’re cotton, which means they’re outmoded and non-wicking, but they still do the job of keeping my calves warm on chilly fall days, serving as mudguards on a particularly treacherous course, and generally igniting conversation.

Some of them I wear as whole socks, while I carefully cut the feet off of others to use as a retro but functional leg warmer.

The butcher’s block

5 Practical Tips For Your Sportswear!

Ah, do I enjoy cutting up old sporting clothing with a good set of scissors? And I do mean it figuratively. A razor-sharp pair of sewing scissors that can really cut loose was left behind by the previous owner of our house.

With the Mack-daddy of dicers, I cut sleeves shorter, change leggings into shorts, and make headbands, sweat rags, and other odd accessories for outdoor activities out of the leftover material.

A pair of Lucy yoga pants from 15 years ago was recently discovered buried beneath a pile of other black trousers. They were constructed of a nice stretchy combination and were quite expensive, but they never quite fit right.

They dug deeper and deeper into the closet containing outdoor gear. I recently reinvented them in a fit of adrenaline. I longed for a beautiful pair of above-the-knee mountain bike shorts with straight legs to cover my old cushioned liners.

So I cut the flared legs off those pants, tried them over the spandex I no longer wanted to wear outside, and presto! A well-fitting outfit materialized—for free.

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The Wastebasket

I adore looking through racks of worn clothing in search of fabric remnants that can be utilized for several different projects. I go to the remnant section of the fabric store where I usually find some wonderful, vibrant stretchy fabrics. If not, I go to the section of athletic fabric and look for some sale bolts.

Buy a quarter of a yard of your preferred fabric (the cutting ladies will love you) to make a custom-fit “buff” (you know those multi-purpose headband-neck gaiter-sweat stoppers they sell for $20).

To avoid actually sewing the buff, choose materials that won’t fray when you cut them; instead, simply cut a long, wide rectangle that tapers toward the end for simple tying.

I have them in all of the rainbow’s hues, patterns, and stripes. And instead of having just one buff that I have to remember to wash, I now have ten that I can gradually switch between.

The Multifunctional

5 Practical Tips For Your Sportswear!

My aversion to doing laundry is one reason for this fixation with reusing. Without worrying about whether my favorite $90 Lululemon leggings (yes, I buy the Kool-Aid every few years) are in the dirty pile, I’d rather have a variety of multi-purpose options and layers that I can assemble for a bike ride, run, swim, or snowboard adventure in a variety of Colorado weather conditions.

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When I finally get to wear my buttery-soft favorites, they feel even more special and last even longer. I recently repurposed some of the following:

  • My priceless swim goggles are protected by an old, hard plastic sunglasses case since, once they’re stuffed inside my gym bag, they lose their ability to seal, necessitating the purchase of yet another pair.
  • wearing a halter-style Prana swimming suit top with full coverage, plenty of padding, and hot yoga. Justification for not
  • Using my anti-odor Manduka eQua microfiber yoga towel for my in-between swim sessions. As a “shawl” for meditation, I understand it performs three functions. even more favorable.
  • using a metal cutter to cut through the strange fastening rings on a pair of bikini bottoms whose fit I adored but whose construction I detested. I finally joined the side panels with a few more swimsuit fabric knots.
  • I’m picturing wearing my incredibly soft, organic-cotton Gaiam full-length Flow leggings below my snowboard pants. For the past ten years, I’ve worn the same hand-me-down pair of fleece “floods.” It appears to be the appropriate moment.
  • Layering a shrunken tank top from your old triathlon competition days, complete with a tacky mesh race number holder, is the ideal base layer for chilly fall rides.


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