7 Ways to Determine Whether Your Android or iPhone Is Factory New or Refurbished!

7 Ways to Determine Whether Your Android or iPhone Is Factory New or Refurbished!

Knowing exactly what you’re getting when purchasing a smartphone might be challenging. Refurbished gadgets are available from both manufacturers and retailers, such as through Apple’s official refurbished store and Amazon’s Renewed program.

In some instances, the phone will have had components replaced (such as the battery), while in other instances, traded-in phones have simply been categorized into different categories based on their level of operation and condition.

You must therefore be on your toes because it may have an impact on things like the guarantee provided. In light of this, here’s how to employ your sleuthing abilities so that, before clicking the “Buy” button, you are certain of what you’re receiving.

How Can I Tell Whether My Phone Is Refurbished?

Unsure if your iPhone or Android device is brand-new or refurbished? Don’t worry; you can simply find it out with the help of these seven efficient techniques:

Verify the Original Box Contents

7 Ways to Determine Whether Your Android or iPhone Is Factory New or Refurbished!

Examining the box and its contents—which the gadget arrived in—is the first step in determining whether a phone is reconditioned. It may be a refurbished gadget if the phone you are holding doesn’t match the box’s branding or description.

When you buy a used phone, many device vendors, especially those that sell their products online like 2GUD, include their own box packaging and contents.

Take a Look at The Phone’s Physical Condition


Taking a close look at your phone’s physical state is the second essential step in figuring out if it has been refurbished. Your newly unboxed phone may be a refurbished model if you can see any scuffs, dents, or scratches anywhere on the frame or screen. Holding your phone up to the light will allow you to get a good look at it and identify these anomalies.

To Find out If Your Phone Is Refurbished, Use The IMEI Number

7 Ways to Determine Whether Your Android or iPhone Is Factory New or Refurbished!

Along with physical examination, you can check a phone’s IMEI number to see if it is authentic, fraudulent, or even refurbished. Once obtained, you can locate the phone’s manufacturer information and contrast it with your purchase information to identify any discrepancies.

There’s a good chance that your gadget has been pre-activated and reconditioned if the manufacturing date and the purchase date are far apart. To check the device’s activation date, visit the website of the original manufacturer.

Check with The Seller or Customer Service to see if The Phone Is Refurbished

If you bought your Android gadget from a reputable online retailer, contact customer service to find out more about the item. They are responsible for providing accurate information about the purchased product as a registered business in order to prevent any legal repercussions.

You can register a complaint with the company to demand a refund if you continue to feel that the customer service representative gave you false information.

To Find out If Your Samsung Phone Has Been Refurbished, Use Third-Party Apps.

Checking for upgrades is as simple as eating cake if you have a Samsung smartphone. With a few taps, you can determine with the Phone Info app from Vndnguyen whether your Samsung phone is factory fresh or reconditioned. As follows:

1. On your Samsung phone, download and open the Phone Info app from APKMirror.

2. To view all the hardware and software data, enter your device’s serial number.

3. Finally, launch the refurbishment check by tapping on the hamburger menu and selecting that option.

4. Take a few seconds to check the outcomes. Your phone will pop up with information about the state of its refurbishing.

Only Samsung phones can use this app, please note.

Look for Irrational Discounts

7 Ways to Determine Whether Your Android or iPhone Is Factory New or Refurbished!

Many times, smartphones purchased at absurdly low prices turn out to be refurbished. These old phones are offered at significantly lower prices than their brand-new counterparts because they have been refurbished and retested to make them suitable for resale.

Check out the price differences between the newly updated and new Realme X7 Pro 5G that are sold online. You can easily see that the refurbished or restored phone is offered at a price that is half that of the brand-new item.

Examine Your I Phone for Refurbished Models

Your phone’s serial number can be used to determine whether it was customized, replaced, or refurbished. Visit our in-depth guide to see how to check the model number on your iPhone.


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