8938 IOS Feature: What Is It, How Does It Works? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

8938 IOS Feature

The iOS operating system has several unnoticed features that we sometimes just take for granted. These functions were never made official by the corporation.

However, you do not really appreciate how fantastic the hidden features of iOS were until you compare them to other operating systems. The example below is a typical hidden iPhone feature that is widely known and utilized but which not everyone is aware of as a feature.

Let’s call this feature—which has no official name—the feature that displays the verification code from a text message. For instance, when you sign up for a certain account, a text message with a verification number is sent to your phone.

You won’t have to lose time trying to recall the authentication code or go back to the message area to check it because the iPhone keyboard already displays the code from the most recent message to you when you input the verification code on the registration page.

Because it is so simple, not everyone recognized this feature, but when it does, they will all still utilize it. In particular, you won’t need to make an effort to activate this function in order to use it on the device because it is fully activated by default in the operating system.

One of the best secrets available to iOS users is undoubtedly this. incredibly intelligent, extremely efficient with their use of time and effort, succinct, and user-friendly.

iPhone 8938 feature

Sincerely, the best feature in iOS is From Messages 8938.

App Store

8938 IOS Feature

  • The iPhone and iPad touch devices now have access to a new app library with iOS 14.
  • You will be able to view customized games and apps and download them with only a few clicks with the aid of the new library.
  • The app library makes recommendations for apps based on the time and place.
  • You can add clips by downloading them from the App Store.
  • The layout of the home screen will be automatically organized by sorting apps by how frequently they are used. The new list view mode offers this feature.

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Section for widgets

  • You’ll be amazed by the new smart snack function in iOS 14’s widget section. This function, which is frequently made feasible by the on-device intelligence feature, allows you to reveal the correct widget at the right time.
  • Siri is now available because of the functionality of the new widget. It instructs Siri to suggest widgets based on your actions and behavioral patterns, such as starting a new web series or ordering any cuisine.
  • You may create amazing widget stacking to make room on your home screen.
  • You get a list of the most well-liked widgets in all different sizes and forms in a widget gallery.

Section for messages

8938 IOS Feature

  • The fantastic features in the message area allow you to pass the entire day while using the phone as your entertainment device.
  • By seeing their icons, you can store your favorite text threads and sign up for notifications whenever three individuals send you a text.
  • Message threads enable you to instantly respond to new messages and receive notifications when they are received.
  • You might mention a specific person.
  • You can filter SMS by choosing to see all of the received texts in chronological order.
  • You can add a picture and emoticons to a chat to make it humorous.

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Search outcomes

8938 IOS Feature

  • You can search using applications, maps, websites, contacts, and a number of other things, depending on your preferences and usage. Thanks to this feature, your search will be easier and more convenient.
  • It is not even necessary to type the entire word or sentence. For the suggestion below to appear, just type one or two letters.
  • You may launch websites and applications by typing a few characters and clicking the “Go” tab.
  • You can find files, emails, and messages by entering the first few characters.
  • The appropriate search results will also be included in the display area based on usage and desire.

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The FBAR is not new, contrary to popular belief. The FBAR has been around since 1970, but FATCA Form 8938 is new and was first introduced with the 2011 1040 tax return. Although it was created by FinCEN (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), the IRS has been in charge of enforcing it since 2003.


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