A God of War Ragnarok Side Quest Is a Lovely Tribute To a Late Game Designer!

A God of War Ragnarok Side Quest Is a Lovely Tribute To a Late Game Designer!

In God of War Ragnarok, there is a side quest that is a beautiful tribute to Jake Snipes, a gameplay programmer at Santa Monica Studio who died in 2020. The side quest in question is called “Across the Realms,” and Sam Handrick, who worked with Snipes at Santa Monica Studio and was a senior gameplay programmer there, explained what it meant on Twitter.

“God of War Ragnarok has something that means the most to me,” Handrick wrote. “I got to pitch it, and the team made it into everything I could have hoped for. I wanted to wait a while before talking about it, but just in case, I want to share it now. It is a song about Jari and Somr.

Those who have traveled through the world of God of War: Ragnarok may have seen the first signs of the side quest: green hearts painted on rocks all over the realms. Handrick and Snipes had the idea for the hearts and the side quest years ago.

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They would talk about how much they’d love to leave something that reminded people of them at Ragnarok. Some signs in this game are that it was the reason we met and the first game we worked on together. He once suggested carving into the world we made just a heart with our initials in Norse runes. Sad to say, Snipes died in 2020.

Once Handrick was able to go back to work, he knew he wanted God of War Ragnarok to be “everything Snipes deserved.” He also wanted to make sure that Snipes would always be remembered in the game. Snipes asked God of War director Eric Williams if there could be a memorial to Jake in the game, and Williams said, “It’s so much more than that.”

Handrick said, “I told Eric and the team about Jake’s idea to carve our initials into a heart.” “He and his group came back with that and something even better. A story about two men who meet in a harsh world and find a place to belong simply by being with each other.

I wanted this story to be one that many queer people could relate to traveling through a world that doesn’t always understand you to find a place that feels like home. And sometimes that place is just an individual. And even something as simple as a recipe can be a link back to that home.” You will find a rainbow campfire that “never stops burning” during the quest.

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This is something that will always remind people of Jake. Handrick said, “This fire never goes out.” “Through the coldest days and the nights you don’t want to live through. It will always be a part of this world @SonySantaMonica made, telling the story of a man I found something I couldn’t name. Something that I still have.”

For those who are curious, the quest has you travel across the realms to find four ingredients that you can use to make a Meal of Comfort. This meal gives you a permanent five-point boost to all of your stats. It is “a tasty creation that warms both the body and the soul.”

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