A Legal Expert Offers Opinion On Josh Duggar’s Prison Sentence!

A Legal Expert Offers Opinion On Josh Duggar's Prison Sentence!

It’s not over yet. Disgraced reality star Josh Duggar, who was sentenced to a year in prison for having and receiving child pornography, will continue to face legal challenges while he appeals his sentence.

Ex-Federal Prosecutor Neama Rahmani tells exclusively that the 19 Kids and Counting alum plans to appeal both the judgment of guilt and the punishment itself.

Two child pornography charges were filed against Duggar, 35, in December 2021. He was sentenced to more than a decade in jail in late May 2022. A 20-year supervised release period will follow Duggar’s release from prison.

The former auto salesman appealed to an Arkansas court two weeks after his sentencing, arguing about one of the charges he was convicted on. On May 25, 2022, the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas dropped count two, according to court documents obtained by Us in June 2022.

A Legal Expert Offers Opinion On Josh Duggar's Prison Sentence!

Justin Gelfand, Ian Murphy, and Travis Story, Duggar’s attorneys, have submitted this notice “on Duggar’s behalf and at Duggar’s request,” according to the notice.

But Rahmani says Duggar “doesn’t really have a viable defense” to submit an appeal on the basis of the overwhelming evidence against him at trial, and hence has no right to pursue an appeal. As far as I can tell, the photographs were downloaded to his HP laptop, and there’s a digital paper trail to prove it.

According to him, “I do not believe that his attraction is really strong.” It’s a challenge to win a case like this one. As long as they’re on your computer and there’s a digital trail of guilt and sentencing, he’s likely going to lose.”

Rahmani said that while Duggar was not given an “unduly punitive” punishment for his offenses, he will likely have difficulty appealing for a lighter term.

A Legal Expert Offers Opinion On Josh Duggar's Prison Sentence!

Child pornography convictions carry a maximum of 20 years in jail, he added. “[12 years] seems to be the usual term for someone who’s convicted of possessing child pornography.” “The government requested the maximum sentence, but 12 and a half years is consistent with how judges around the nation are sentenced in comparable situations,” he says. ”

Furthermore, Rahmani ruled out the possibility that Duggar’s fame influenced the prosecution’s decision to prosecute him harshly. The same rules apply to him as they do to everybody else. There is no difference if you are famous or not. I am just one of many well-known people who have been convicted in a federal court. As a result, they receive the same care as any other detainee.


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