AA-Inflight: Providing The Best Inflight Entertainment To The Passengers!


By providing free WiFi, American Airlines hopes to improve the in-flight experience for its customers. However, there is a little catch—the complimentary service is only accessible on Viasat-equipped narrowbody planes from April 13 through May 25.

Try to Provide the Best Experience Possible

Offering free in-flight connectivity is unquestionably a great method to assist travelers to pass the time in the air, even though American Airlines offers seatback in-flight entertainment on its narrowbody fleet.

In a trial that will start on April 13, American and Viasat will provide customers with a taste of their industry-leading high-speed WiFi on the majority of Viasat-equipped aircraft. Customers can opt to view brief advertising to access a free WiFi sample.

The airline will continue to provide entertainment alternatives that customers can stream directly to their own devices at no cost, except for the WiFi services offered by Americans and the trial that is financed by advertisements.

The lineup consists of music, motion pictures, television programs, and a lifestyle channel including Rosetta Stone and Skillshare, two language learning apps.

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Potential for A Long-Term Relationship


Additionally, the sponsored commercial aims to raise awareness of American Airlines’ in-flight site and give the airline a better understanding of the in-flight activities that travelers find most meaningful.

However, an outside sponsorship might also produce funding to support the service, much to how YouTube advertisements support the video streaming service.

In addition, the plan might be used as a trial by the airline to track different patterns of behavior and usage based on the length and route of the flight. American Airlines could more effectively target usage or offer caps in the future after receiving the trial results.

Uncertain is the likelihood that American Airlines will make the free WiFi onboard a standard feature. Even while some of the competition does provide free services, it is expensive to offer connectivity at 36,000 feet.

Since several years ago, rivals like JetBlue have been providing such services to customers. According to reports, Delta Air Lines has also been considering the prospect after switching from Gogo WiFi to Viasat recently.

Given that Viasat offers the greatest in-flight WiFi service currently available in the market, American Airlines anticipates that Delta Air Lines will soon offer complimentary WiFi. Figure: Airbus

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Supplying More Options


Along with improving its in-flight amenities, American Airlines is also providing more alternatives for travelers to easily tailor their journeys thanks to a renewed collaboration with Expedia Group, the airline’s largest third-party travel agency.

The addition of North American points of sale builds on years of profitable flight bookings made possible by an already-existing connection between the two businesses on particular European points of sale. As a result, both businesses will be able to give customers greater options.

According to Neil Geurin, Managing Director of Commercial Partnerships for American Airlines, passengers will now be able to select upscale offers like Main Plus or free access to Main Cabin Extra, preferred seats, preferred boarding, and a free checked bag in addition to the Main Cabin baggage allowance when booking on Expedia Group websites:

“We’re excited to build on our positive partnership with Expedia Group to provide clients more options. NDC technology offers travelers the chance to personalize their travel experiences, offering upscale travel choices. We look forward to learning about the satisfying outcomes made possible by this integration.

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American Airlines Wants to Be Impressive


This new partnership between two of the industry’s biggest names will change the game. The agreement will eventually enable the opportunity to provide further higher offers and supplementary choices like carbon offsetting.

American Airlines wants to win over customers with the free in-flight connectivity trial that is taking place for the foreseeable future as well as the continued collaboration with Expedia Group.


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