According to Tech Experts One Battery Option You Should Have Activated on Your iPhone 14!

According to Tech Experts One Battery Option You Should Have Activated on Your iPhone 14!

You may be wondering, as the owner of an iPhone 14, how you can get the most out of your battery life. And there’s an answer to that question, too: the model has a setting that can increase your phone’s efficiency and lengthen the time your battery lasts. Technology expert and co-founder Suhel Rana explains why your iPhone 14’s single battery setting needs to be toggled on.

Optimize Battery Charging

According to Rana, if you have an iPhone 14, you should activate the “Optimize Battery Charging” feature to get the most out of your battery life. “This option is meant to help your battery last longer by analyzing your daily charging habits and making adjustments accordingly,” Rana explained.

When this option is activated, your iPhone will keep tabs on how you charge it and make any necessary adjustments so that your battery is always charged safely and in the most efficient manner possible. Rana gave the following example: “If it learns that you usually charge your phone at night, it may delay starting charging until just before you go to bed.”

This prevents your battery from being at 100% for long periods of time. Although “this setting” functions best with an authorized Apple charger, it is compatible with other brands as well. Of course, as Rana pointed out,

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you can always override the setting if you need to start charging your phone earlier than it would normally: Turning on “Optimize Battery Charging” is recommended, however, if you want to show your battery some extra love and care.

How Do I Activate This Option?

If you want your iPhone’s battery to stay healthy and fully functional for as long as possible, Suhel Rana advises leaving this setting enabled. These are the steps to take if you want to activate the “Optimize Battery Charging” feature:

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The “Optimize Battery Charging” setting is simple to activate and can significantly extend the life of your iPhone 14’s battery, so experts advise keeping it on.

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