Action Movies On Netflix: Check Out The List Of The Thriller Action Movies!!

Action Movies On Netflix

This winter, are you looking for exhilarating and thrilling entertainment from the comfort of your own home? Here’s some exciting news: Netflix currently has a virtual collection of heart-pounding action movies from all over the world! We want to make it easier for you to choose your next show to watch at home, so we’ve compiled a list of the greatest.

Whether you’re seeking to try out a new home cinema system or just want to have a good time, we recommend these action-packed favorites!

These are the best and most thrilling action films available on Netflix right now. There are even some honorable mentions.


Action Movies On Netflix

Given director Sam Hargrave’s expertise as a stunt coordinator for films like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame, it’s no surprise that the action in the Netflix original film Extraction is fantastic. Joe Russo, co-director of Endgame, wrote the script.

Extraction is a tough (and brutal) action film about a disillusioned mercenary charged with escorting a little kidnapped boy out of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Last Samurai

Action Movies On Netflix

Tom Cruise appeared in an unusually serious epic— appealingly earnest, albeit flawed—two years after the dull, mindless M: I 2. At the birth of modern warfare, Cruise plays an American military officer who is unexpectedly affected by Japanese customs.

The Last Samurai grossed $456 million worldwide and received four Oscar nominations, including Best Supporting Actor for Ken Watanabe.

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Action Movies On Netflix

Matthew Vaughn has made a name for himself with colorful, subversive films like Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and, most recently, the Kingsman films, but if you’re a fan of the director’s work or just in the mood for a really fun fantasy film, his 2007 Neil Gaiman adaptation Stardust is highly recommended and underrated.

Claire Danes play a star who falls to Earth and is discovered by a young man named Tristan (Charlie Cox), kicking off an adventure that includes Michelle Pfeiffer as a witch and Robert De Niro as a flamboyant pirate.

Triple Frontier

Action Movies On Netflix

Charlie Hunnam, Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac, and Garrett Hedlund lead a magnificent A-list cast. J.C. Chandor’s thriller All Is Lost and A Most Violent Year (story by Mark Boal). Colleagues from the United States Army reassemble for a theft of a South American crime boss.

The Night Comes for Us

Action Movies On Netflix

You may believe you’ve seen every possible way to inflict violence on a human body in a fight scene, but trust me when I say that The Night Comes for Us has something to teach you about the splatter fight scene.

This Netflix action film, directed by Timo Tjhajanto, is jam-packed with violent, brutal combat. The Night Comes for Us is Tjahjanto’s strongest feature film to date, a nonstop display of violence and carnage based on the story of a criminal turned war criminal seeking redemption.

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Army of the Dead

Action Movies On Netflix

Following the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League this spring, the fan-favorite director returns (without studio interference) with a sequel to his first (and probably best) feature, the 2004 remake Dawn of the Dead.

The action/zombie/heist mix, starring Dave Bautista, is already a rating hit for the streaming service.

Red Notice

Action Movies On Netflix

Red Notice is, in a word, great! It’s one of the most popular Netflix movies in recent memory. To be fair, the plot isn’t precisely Ocean’s Eleven, but the heist film does get high marks for its humor and lead actors’ performances.

After they are both framed by the world’s finest art thief, a lady known only as of the Bishop, Nolan Booth, the world’s second-best art thief, is compelled to team up with FBI profiler John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) (Gal Gadot).


Action Movies On Netflix

One of Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious and successful blockbusters—perhaps his most polished and complete—follows a burglar (Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals in a dream world. The modern sci-fi classic received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and grossed $836 million worldwide. Surprisingly, Nolan did not receive a nomination for Best Director.

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Beyond Skyline

Action Movies On Netflix

WTF is a specific kind of WTF in Beyond Skyline. I never would have believed that the much-maligned 2010 sci-fi thriller Skyline, much less than the follow-up film would be such a joyous, globe-trotting action-packed adventure, that could create a series.

Beyond Skyline, is a bold, pulpy B-movie starring Frank Grillo as a cop at odds with his son (Jonny Weston) after an extraterrestrial attack sends them racing for their life, stars Frank Grillo as a cop at odds with his son (Jonny Weston).

The Ice Road

Action Movies On Netflix

Released late in Liam Neeson’s impressive, leggy post-Taken career return, this film is preposterous but entertaining. The Ice Road stars Tom Cruise as an ice driver who leads a rescue attempt over the frozen lake. This Netflix sensation is a reimagining of The Wages of Fear (famously adapted as Sorcerer in 1977).


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