After Giving Birth, Rihanna Went On Her First Official Outing!

After Giving Birth, Rihanna Went on Her First Official Outing.

On July 1st, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky unexpectedly showed up at the Crystal Palace barbershop, leaving South East Londoners in a state of shock. Yes, I do.

The concerned barbershop is Star Fades in Crystal Palace. The pop star and A$AP Rocky were in town ahead of A$main AP’s performance at Wireless Festival, their first public appearance together since the birth of their child in May, but not before the couple stopped by a London barbershop to give A$AP a quick pre-gig haircut.

Following the couple’s unexpected visit to Star Fades, owner Nigel revealed to BBC 1Xtra that at around 9:20 p.m., while dancing and playing music after work, he noticed a black vehicle with tinted windows pull up in front of his business.

After Giving Birth, Rihanna Went on Her First Official Outing.

A$AP When Rocky and Rihanna reportedly saw his after-work beverages in the closed barbershops while driving up Anerley Hill, they decided they wanted to join the unplanned party.

Nigel claims that Rihanna sipped Jamaican rum as A$AP had his hair cut, and as more curious onlookers gathered around the store window, she recorded as they peeked in. In regards to A$haircut, AP’s Nigel said, “When I’m done, he loved it.” The two continued conversing while additional witnesses gathered near Star Fades’ windows before eventually accelerating away once more.

The next day, Rihanna made a surprise appearance in Crystal Palace Park once more, this time for Wireless Festival. She wandered through the picture pit in front of the stage before A$headline AP’s performance.

After Giving Birth, Rihanna Went on Her First Official Outing.

The couple reportedly celebrated afterward with a cheeky Nando’s, and a source close to the claims that they got “a big Nando’s feast of 400 wings, 4 takeaway bags packed with peri chips, and 2 trays of chicken wraps” to commemorate the event.

According to the Sun sources, “Organisers were scrambling to provide her a chicken feast fit for a queen, and reportedly personalized the with her very own bespoke sauces made for her.” With titles like “Periri,” “A$AP Rocky is X Hot,” and “Mini Rocky Ri” as a tribute to their child, Riri felt they were hilarious. legendary conduct.


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