Ahiru No Sora Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, Plot Details And, Other Latest Updates!!

Ahiru No Sora Season 2

Ahiru no Sora Season 2 has been a long time coming for fans. Rumors of a second season of Ahiru no Sora have been swirling since the finale of the first season.

Because of a disagreement between the manga’s author and the production company, some believe this narrative will not be recreated. The second season of Ahiru no Sora continues to pique the interest of fans.

An anime series about basketball, Ahiru no Sora, is a Japanese sports genre. The manga adaption was written by Takeshi Hinata in 2003. It lasted for more than 50 books. In 2019, Diomedea Animation Studio produced an anime version of this story.

Keizo Kusakawa directed the series, which ran from October 2019 to September 2020. Anime lovers fell in love with this 50-episode series. The second season of Ahiru no Sora is currently under development.

Recap of Ahiru no Sora’s First Season

The protagonist, Sora Kurumatani, made a commitment to his mother. She believed that he would win his first high school tournament and made a commitment to keep it to his mother.

His first surprise upon leaving high school is to learn how popular the club has grown among professional players. In addition to his height disparity with his peers, It’s a court dedicated just to basketball. In contrast, Sora’s real interest in basketball causes a commotion. When he joined the club, his life was irrevocably altered.

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Release Date of Season 2 of Ahiru No Sora?

Ahiru No Sora Season 2

Ahiru No Sora, a famous Japanese anime series that premiered on October 2nd, is now streaming on Crunchyroll. After just a few episodes of its debut, this sitcom became an instant hit and now has a second season, Season 2.


It is expected that the second season of Ahiru No Sora would air in early 2023. An anime must have two essential qualities in order to be resurrected. To begin with, the show’s popularity is sufficient to warrant a second season. The source material is the second category.

Ahiru No Sora’s next season might be possible if the appropriate information is available. Our guesses are out because the application is self-produced and its writers are free to create anything they wish.

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Characters & Voice Actors for Ahiru No Sora Season 2?

Ahiru No Sora Season 2

  • Kurumatani is told from the perspective of Yuki Kaji.
  • Momoharu Hanazono’s voice is provided by Yuma Uchida.
  • Katsuyuki Konishi lends his voice to Chiaki Hanazono’s character.
  • Kisho Taniyama provides the voice of Kenji Natsume.
  • Shinchi Yasuhara is voiced by Taku Yashiro.
  • Mamoru Miyano voices Kaname Shigeyoshi in the anime.
  • Ryuhei Nabeshima’s voice is provided by Chado Horii, a voice actor.
  • KENN is the agency that represents Masahiro Saki.
  • Sayaka Senbongi is Madoka Yabuchi’s voice actress.
  • Aya Endo provides the voice for Yuka Kurumatani.
  • Shinichi Chiba’s voice is provided by Kazuya Nakai.
  • Yuna Taniguchi performs the song Nai Nanao.

The Season 2 Plot of Ahiru No Sora?

It revolves around Sora, a 15-year-old boy who has always wanted to be a basketball player. He puts in a lot of work to go where he wants to go.

While he was unable to play in a professional league due to his height (149 cm), his tenacity would not enable him to give up. He tried to join the basketball team as soon as he started at a new school.

Ahiru No Sora Season 2

However, what he saw had a profound effect on him Rapidly developing and exceptionally unique individuals were emphatic about not participating.

Hooligans made up the majority of the membership of the group. That swiftly changed when Sora saw his teammates weren’t engaged in the game at all. A determined Sora challenges the boys to a duel to see who can outwit him. To top it all off, he makes an impression on opponents with his lightning-fast footwork and agility.

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Trailer updates for Season 2 of Ahiru No Sora

Ahiru No Sora’s second season has yet to have a trailer. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of Ahiru No Sora Season 2 on our website, so please check back often. Netflix, on the other hand, will show it if it is accessible. You may watch the first season trailer while you wait for the season 2 trailer to arrive.


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