The Galaxy S23 series now has Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X picture editing program. The Galaxy S22 trio has been running the app since late summer in version 1.0.35.

The Galaxy S23 series’ more powerful GPU powers this beta version, 1.0.55.

The “photo upscaled and magic editor” employs AI to add HDR, brighten, sharpen, fix blur, fix more, remove reflections or shadows, fix lens distortion, and make a portrait mode snap from a regular one. Face retouching is available.

A magic button enhances images as the app sees fit.

How Does it Work?

AI Image Editor Galaxy Enhance-X is now available for Samsung's S23 devices.

Today, Galaxy S23 owners can download the 85 MB app from the Galaxy store. It will be updated to Galaxy S22 and Galaxy A series phones.

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It works well, although it’s subtle. However, we couldn’t upgrade a 1600x720px image to a larger size.

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