Amazon’s Entry-Level Kindle Gets a Pleasing Refresh with Major Stat Boosts!

Amazon's Entry-Level Kindle Gets a Pleasing Refresh With Major Stat Boosts

Amazon hasn’t updated its entry-level Kindle e-reader in a while, but they recently announced a significant update, and the wait appears to have been worthwhile.

The storage capacity has doubled from 8GB to 16GB in the next-generation Kindle e-reader, among many other enhancements. Although it may not seem like much, since books are compact, this increase makes room for thousands more.

With a 300 PPI resolution, the 6-inch display is also greatly improved (up from 167 PPI.) The resolution is now comparable to that of its more expensive relative, the Amazon Paperwhite. This, according to Amazon, provides “laser-quality” text and visuals on the new Kindle.

Amazon's Entry-Level Kindle Gets a Pleasing Refresh With Major Stat Boosts

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The team of engineers at Amazon has worked on every facet of the new Kindle. With the larger and more effective battery, a single charge provides power for six weeks. The upgrade adds a front-adjustable light for nighttime reading and a USB-C connector for quicker charging. Additionally, if you purchase this refresh, you will receive a four-month Kindle Unlimited trial.

The redesigned Kindle Kids edition that Amazon is releasing has all the same features, a stylish and vibrant cover, and a two-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which gives users access to thousands of kid-friendly books.

Both variants are now available for pre-order; delivery is scheduled for October 12. The new Kindle Kids edition is $120 and costs $100 more than the regular Kindle (likely to account for that lengthy subscription).

9/14 Correction: The final paragraph’s standard Kindle link has been changed to point to the right page.


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