Android’s Gmail App Gets a Minor Redesign: Here’s What’s New!

Android's Gmail App Gets a Minor Redesign: Here's What's New!

Following the launch of Android 12, Google revamped the Gmail app with the Material You style.

In comparison to earlier versions of the app, the upgrade allowed the bottom bar to shrink dramatically. However, with the most recent server-side update, the bottom bar has shrunk even more.

Additionally, according to 9To5Google, the most recent Gmail upgrade removes the icon labels from the Android bottom bar.

Google has now decided to remove the icons in favor of more space in the bottom bar of the Gmail app, but upon checking, we discovered that the new version displays the same number of emails as the version prior to the new version, effectively making the update tuned for aesthetics rather than functionality. Previously, the Gmail app contained labels for Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet in the bottom bar beneath their corresponding icons.

Android's Gmail App Gets a Minor Redesign: Here's What's New!

Google may now improve the upgrade by allowing for more emails in the future, which would result in a screen with more information.

Once users update to the Gmail client version 2022.08.07.x on Android handsets, the change is reportedly a server-side implementation from Google. Users will progressively receive the update in various parts of the world.


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