Apex Legends Season 13 Preview-Latest Updates About New Season!

The upcoming season of Apex Legends, “Saviors,” will expand on the Storm Point map, which was debuted just six months ago, by including a beached kaiju as a new point of interest and allowing players to fight it out in, on, and around the beast’s carcass.

During a media preview last week, Jeff Shaw, a lead level designer for Respawn Entertainment, said, “This thing is kind of like a gigantic, stuffed, loot piata.” “And all the best loot is hidden inside the beast’s belly.”

No, the monster from last week’s launch video does not represent a new PvE danger or a limited-time game mode. Its rotting and dead presence, according to Shaw, is an attempt to make Storm Point a more competitive terrain. “And we really wanted to do it in a way that was additive, without taking away anything we thought was vital.”

The enormous shrimpbeast strikes Storm Point, and all the Legends put aside their differences to bring it down, peeled, deveined, tail-on, as seen in last week’s clip. The Downed Beast (as the point-of-interest is known) is located on the map between two high-value loot places — the North Pad and The Mill — and a third, Checkpoint, a medium-tier loot destination.

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Players can use gravity cannons or ziplines to land on top of it (or escape), or they can enter through its mouth or four massive wounds. The Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach folks (whose work has been seen on King’s Canyon) have left tents and platforms inside and around the lifeless hulk, providing both cover and chance for gear.

“We’re really hoping that this would draw some of the action away from Barometer,” Shaw added, referring to a popular mid-tier loot area on Storm Point. The kaiju’s seismic presence triggered a dormant security routine, which raised three Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation Armories nearby, as revealed in last week’s trailer.

These are support buildings that have been in place for a long time and are stocked with weapons and equipment. That is the accepted explanation. These armouries are a PvE experience that teams can activate and pillage for massive riches. When you enter one, you’ll be pitted against waves of Spectre robots who have been awakened by the infiltrators for 60 seconds. Importantly, as the PvE conflict begins, the door to the armoury closes, preventing enemy human players from entering.

Apex Legends season 13 preview

“Treasure is supplied in these […] new types of bins that are filled with loot based on scanning your current equipment and weaponry,” Samantha Kalman, senior game designer at Respawn, explained. “This implies that the loot is always valued.” It’s either enhancing what you currently have or augmenting what you don’t have in terms of equipment and weapon attachments.”

In terms of strategy, Kalman recommended that players “may hot drop to one of these armouries for a solid random weapon and a wonderful starting kit,” or “can drop nearby, boot up a little, and then rotate to the armoury.” Then you’ll get enhanced versions of whatever equipment and attachments you bring in.”

As part of a “global tuning pass” given to Storm Point by Respawn designers, devs added a new Prowler home near Cenote Cave and expanded an old den near The Mill, according to Keith Jensen, senior level designer. “Hundreds of tiny QoL changes were done across the map to smooth out the player experience,” he explained.

“[Storm Point] was developed with this forward-looking view […] and developing it this way allowed us to be additive with additional material rather than destructive,” Shaw explained. “With the Downed Beast POI, we didn’t have to make any concessions or take anything out of the map that we thought was important.” And we’re hoping to keep this pattern going with Apex maps in the future.”

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Season 13 of Apex Legends, named “Saviors,” will be released on May 10 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. A new Battle Pass of features, as well as a new Legend, Newcastle, the long-lost brother of mainstay legend Bangalore, will be released alongside the redesigned Storm Point map.


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