In 2023, Game 1 of the AA Split 1 Playoffs begins on Thursday, February 2nd and concludes on Sunday, February 5th, a Thursday. Forty Apex teams from around the world will compete in the season’s first LAN event, hoping to claim the title of Split One champions and secure playoff seeding.

DarkZero Esports won the 2022 championship, but many teams have been unable to compete due to illness or a lack of facilities suitable for an Apex professional infected with coVID.

All athletes, regardless of COVID status, will be able to take part in the London Games thanks to new and improved accessibility features. Details about Respawn’s extra preparations, such as upgraded system configuration and quarantine rooms for the COVID-positive players, were revealed in a recent interview with the SEC.

Teams were negatively affected by the lack of access to COVID-positive players when they competed for the 2022 championship.

Fourteen of the forty teams that competed in the 2022 championship had perfect scores on the CoVID-19 scorecard. On one side of the tournament, nine teams had available substitutes, coaches, or managers to replace injured players, while five teams on the other side were forced to play in duos.

Notably, GMT allowed the Torrents RamBeau to play submarine and led his team to fifth place in the grand finals, with the decisive match playing out like a singles match despite the fact that both opposing teams were full strength. As a result of their poor performance, AYM Esports decided to replace Hiarka, a starting player, with JamesFearless and drop from ninth to fifteenth place.

All told, four APAC-N squads tested positive for COVID, and some of those squads had multiple infected players. On the first day of testing, PULVEREX replaced his trainer ChaNRiyo with Saku, but on the second day, he tested and left the team together with his partner.

Like FENNEL, FENNEL substituted coaches for his two sick players. Unfortunately, the same fate befell FENNEL once more when Otogi contracted COVID, reducing the team to just two healthy players from day two to day two.

DetonatioN Gaming, FOR7 and 1iQ were also a number of other Apex teams hit by issues at the event. A sick player from each team was declared out, and the teams had to finish the championship as duos.

During the final season of VALORANT Champions in 2021, people have set up quarantine rooms and even accepted Liquids Nivera, as they have during many of the major tournament circuits, such as the VALORANT Champions Tour. To further demonstrate that Niveras’s move into quarantine was a significant step toward promoting the fairest and most fair circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the TL game scheduled for later in the day has been postponed.

The Split One Playoffs are possible thanks to the cooperation required to isolate the LAN, and all subsequent events in the 2023 Apex season will feature the same starting lineups as used in the playoffs. London will also host the split-2 championships and the competitive playoffs.

The playoffs for Division One will kick off at 11 a.m. on February 2. If you want to watch the show, you can tune in via multiple streams on Twitch and YouTube. Finale festivities kick off at 6:00 pm CT on Saturday, February 5th. The winner of the second international event of the ALGS Circuit 2023 will be crowned.

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