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As far as new movies and TV shows go, ApneTV Serials are at the forefront. It dominates the market for illegally downloading movies online. Almost all Indian films are available on Apne TV’s extensive database.

Once upon a time, folks needed to get resourceful when it came to finding things to do. The newest films and TV shows are available online, and you can even download them to watch offline.

Millions of users go to the site every day in search of the newest movies and TV shows to stream online for free. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that Apne TV is a pirate website.

What Is Apne TV?

It’s cutting-edge tech that lets you watch TV series online. Recent statistics show that when searching online for television shows, the vast majority of users were looking for Indian shows in Hindi. The industry offered a plethora of portals and apps.

In India, you may watch several different TV channels and series online. The majority of Indians now live in the West, particularly in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

They were surfing the web for Indian television programs. Apne TV is the one place to find any channel and show you may ever want to watch online. Their selection of music and entertainment is quite extensive.

Apne TV Shows


By 2020, ApneTV will be the most widely used online TV service, making it possible to watch and download every major Indian TV series, including Crime Patrol, the Kapil Sharma Show, Big Boss 10, and programs from Colors TV and Bollywood Hollywood.

You can watch and download the latest Bollywood movies and other Hindi programs on Apne TV in high definition.

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Big Boss 10 on Apne TV

It’s no exaggeration to say that “Big Boss” is a smash hit in India. An extremely popular show for the past decade, Big Boss is already three months old and features contestants who are required to stay inside and adhere to strict regulations.

There are many things in it that need to be given up. The participants are tasked with following the celebrity around and documenting their daily activities. You may watch or download any episode of any season immediately with Apne TV.

Crime Petrol Apne TV

For those interested in the crime drama, Criminal Patrol is a well-liked show in India. Crime and fuel are also popular among the populace. Satya, an event broadcast on Sony TV and available for download on Apne TV Crime Patrol, served as inspiration for this show.

Like many reality shows, like SonyLIVE’s Kapil Sharma Show, which is more popular than the entire globe’s humor show, the series dancing program reveals sleeping locations. They’ve all gathered here to see their films, which you’re free to view and even download.

Apne TV Home of Hindi Series


Serials on Apne TV In Hindi are Indian dramas written, produced, and filmed in India, starring Indian actors in roles often played by Indian actors in Indian settings. Popular languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bengali are all used in the making of Apna TV Hindi serials.

On the other hand, many use a combination of the local tongue and English. With 154 episodes, Hum Log, India’s first Hindi television series, came to an end. Balika Vadhu, on the other hand, has aired for longer than any other show on Indian television, with almost 2,000 episodes still to come.

There are many channels that air Hindi drama series. Examples include Sony TV, Star Plus, Colors, Life OK, Zee TV, and a number of others. Among the many popular Sony TV shows broadcast on Apne TV are C.I.D., Crime Patrol, Ek duje ke vaste, Kuch Rang Pyar kay easy be, Power Couple, and others.

Star Plus’s Hindi series, on the other hand, typically center on a female protagonist and her family’s struggles. A common example is the protagonist’s treatment as a secondary character in favor of the heroine.

To be continued…Diya aur baati hum, Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, etc. Colors TV offers a range of Hindi series as well as reality and comedy series such as Balika Vadhu and Comedy Nights Bachao, which are popular with viewers.

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Apne TV Apk

Indian series, dramas, television programs, documentaries, award shows, and a plethora of other digital content are the focus of the Apne TV APK app. You can watch the newest and most exclusive films, TV shows, and documentaries on the go with the Apne TV app.

Although there is no shortage of apps available, only a select few prioritize quality above the number. The content available on the Apne TV app is unrestricted by any copyrights, and it has been met with universal acclaim.


Many people are familiar with Apne TV, a popular website where they may watch TV shows and episodes online. More than 30 countries are represented among our viewers as they tune in to our site to stream their favorite TV shows. The APK may not be out yet, but that hasn’t stopped some websites from selling phony versions of the program that you should not install on your phone.

To put it simply, Apne TV provides illegal copies of TV shows and movies. As a result, it is not suggested that you use it to watch TV shows on the internet. Sites like ApneTV are frequently blocked.

For this reason, it controls a wide range of related domains including apnetv.co and apnetv.com. In India, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch Apne TV.


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