Apple Going to Skip Event in October? What Do We Know?

Apple Going to Skip Event in October? What Do We Know?

Given that it has already unveiled a number of new items this year, it appears that Apple may not have another event this year. However, a few devices were anticipated to be revealed at a gathering in October. This month, Apple held an event to unveil the iPhone 14, but no new iPads or Macs were revealed. However, this does not imply that Apple won’t expand its product line in 2022.

Apple Going to Skip Event in October? What Do We Know?

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According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple will just issue separate news releases for new devices rather than hosting a special event for them. According to reports, Apple will reveal the new goods before the end of this year, although they may not be sold until 2019.

A new iPad Pro powered by Apple’s M2 CPU is anticipated to be released. In addition to the Pro model, a new entry-level iPad variant is rumored to be announced. Three Macs were rumored to be introduced by Apple during an event in October, however, this may not be the case.

This year should see the release of the MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. According to the quoted source, Apple abandoned plans to have a new event in October since it now lacks sufficient devices to hold an appropriate event. The M2 Pro or M2 Max CPUs from Apple are reportedly used in the next Macs.

In other news, Apple apparently decided against boosting the iPhone 14’s manufacturing due to poor demand. Given that it is nearly identical to the iPhone 13 and that customers are more interested in purchasing older models at a lesser price, this is not surprising. According to reports, Apple has instructed its suppliers to stick to the previous goal for the smartphone and avoid producing the additional 6 million devices.


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