Apple Mixed Reality Headset May Brand With “Reality,” According To A Reported Trademark!

Apple Mixed Reality Headset May Brand With "Reality," According To A Reported Trademark!

Recent news stories have focused a lot on the Apple mixed reality headset. Apple may be “working on establishing a claim to various names” for its mixed-reality headset, according to rumored trademark filings, which is the most recent update.

The report also alleges that a fictitious corporation that was formed in February is the owner of the trademarks for the mixed reality headgear. It will face off against Meta in the market for virtual and augmented reality headsets when it debuts in early 2023.

According to Bloomberg, a fictitious company called Immersive Health Solutions LLC, which was formed in February, has lodged trademark applications for the terms “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor.”

It was noted in the report that “the company itself was registered by another Delaware shell corporation, the Corporation Trust Co., frequently utilized for registrations by firms hoping to escape notice.” Apparently, the business that registered a trademark for RealityOS is the same one.

As with the iPhone 13, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro, the “Pro” designation may refer to a high-end model of Apple’s mixed reality headgear. One can recognize the name “One” in the company’s offerings, such as the Apple One subscription.

A specialized chip for the headset may be the “Reality Processor.” The M2 CPU with 16GB of RAM was reportedly going to be used by the business for the mixed reality headgear, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple’s mixed reality headset will be a “game changer.”
According to the most recent reports, N301, the codename for Apple’s first headset, is rumored to be one of the most powerful and pricey versions on the market.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset May Brand With "Reality," According To A Reported Trademark!

Also mentioned is a successor model with the internal designation N602 and a set of augmented reality glasses with the model number N421. Additionally, a previous source suggested that the mixed reality headset from Apple may utilize its own operating system named “realityOS.”

Prior to this, the US Patents and Trademark Office had two registered trademarks for RealityOS (USPTO).

The mixed reality headset may be released by Apple in January 2023, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this year. Additionally, according to Kuo, the company may delay the sales of mixed reality headsets until Q2 2023 due to the disruptions brought on by lockdowns in Shanghai.

According to rumors, Apple has also collaborated to create mixed reality material with well-known Hollywood directors.


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