Microsoft’s Xbox Systems Can Now Play Apple Music.

Apple Music finally arrives on Xbox consoles

Microsoft looks to have confirmed yet another Xbox partnership this week. On Tuesday, it was revealed that new Chromebooks and the Xbox Cloud game Meta Quest 2 would be playable. Microsoft has formed a partnership with Apple to bring the Apple Music app to Xbox devices.

Eurogamer reports that the app is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles and can be found by searching for it or downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

You can play games and listen to Apple Music in the background, just like you can with other music apps on Xbox, like Spotify and Pandora.

Apple Music finally arrives on Xbox consoles

The Apple Music app includes features such as music video playback, lyrics that sync up with the music, and playlist creation. Moreover, you’ll have access to specially compiled gaming-themed playlists.

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Apple Music has been out for a year on the PlayStation 5, but it didn’t come to the Xbox until over two years into the Xbox Series X/lifespan. S’s In contrast, Apple TV has been a feature of Xbox consoles ever since the Series X/S was released in 2020.

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Intriguingly, Apple Music’s entry on Xbox comes at a time when the service is experiencing significant growth. The announcement is timed well with Microsoft’s upcoming Surface event. Maybe some other Xbox-related announcements will be made at that event.


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