Apple Restricts iPhone App That Enabled Users To Share Files During China Protests!

Apple Restricts iPhone App That Enabled Users To Share Files During China Protests!

File-sharing on the iPhone was restricted by Apple for Chinese customers. On Thursday, a month after it was reported that anti-government protesters had exploited the feature to distribute digital flyers to random people online, Facebook disabled the feature. Apple’s Chinese-market mobile devices can only receive files via AirDrop from strangers for a maximum of 10 minutes before the feature is disabled.

AirDrop has always been free of time constraints. In order to receive files via AirDrop from other iPhone users from now on, users will need to manually activate the feature just before they are shared. This change was implemented in the new operating system that was published overnight.

Apple limits iPhone file-sharing tool used for protests in China | The Star

This makes it extremely difficult to receive data from unknown senders. After a man hung banners on a bridge in Beijing last month demanding the ouster of “dictator and national traitor Xi Jinping” and the end of China’s zero-Covid policy, the CCP has cracked down on the use of AirDrop to disseminate anti-Party materials in public places.

Videos and posts discussing the demonstration were promptly removed from Chinese social media, and hundreds of people who discussed the unprecedented act of defiance on the popular messaging and payment app WeChat had their accounts suspended.

Apple limits iPhone file-sharing tool used in China protests | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Although Apple did not immediately answer AFP’s request for comment, the company did say that the update “includes bug fixes and security improvements” for the operating system. iPhones sold in China showed the limit regardless of the user’s App Store account’s country of origin, whereas Apple devices sold outside of mainland China did not appear to be affected by the upgrade.

A data center opening in China and the removal of an app in 2019 that allowed Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters to keep track of police are just two examples of how the California tech giant has been criticized for appearing to make concessions to China’s authoritarian government.

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Apple limits iPhone file-sharing tool used for protests...

One Weibo user said Thursday that the upgrade would “greatly lower the possibility of iPhone users being harassed” since it would restrict users from receiving messages from strangers. Few questioned why the feature was being given out solely on Chinese iPhones; one Weibo commentator even poked fun at Apple CEO Tim Cook‘s chummy relationship with Chinese officials, asking, “So is Tim Cook a Party member or not?”

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