Apple will address the problem of AirTag stalking, With upcoming features

Apple will address the problem of AirTag stalking, With upcoming features

Apple’s AirTag tracking device must have come under fire for its potential use as a stalker’s aide. It has just recently published a privacy guide to help people stay safe online. For this reason, the company has announced a new upgrade for AirTag that involve a set of changes that can help keep a user’s privacy and security intact.

AirTag Update Features

As a starting point, Apple emphasises the fact that AirTag is primarily designed to help locate and track lost items but not other people or their pets. In order to make sure that new users are aware of this, it will now show them its same privacy warning message as they are registering.

Apple will address the problem of AirTag stalking, With upcoming features
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Updates to Apple’s iOS software would also enhance notifications for when an object is detected on your body. Apple currently displays a “Unknown Accessory Detected” alert when a nearby Find My item is detected. It will now mention the product name, such as AirPods, or a third-party Find My Network accessory, to help users better identify the device they’ve detected. An unidentified “moving companion” will also have the same effect.

In the near future, AirTag will see a few more improvements. If an AirTag was used for unwanted tracking, Precision Finding would then allow users to quickly locate it. An AirTag’s distance and direction can be determined by users within the range. If you’ve got a newer version of iPhone, you can get it.

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Apple will also display the same alert on your device to better track AirTag’s presence while sending sound alerts to users. To make it easier to track, Apple has also made updates to its unwelcome tracking alert system and tweaked the sound of the AirTag.

Law enforcement and safety groups are also working with Apple on AirTag misuse cases. We’ve worked on them on cases where our information has been used to track an AirTag back towards the perpetrator, whom was arrested and charged,” Apple says in a press release. As a result, Apple has updated its ensure that communication for unwanted tracking assistance to include information more about AirTag, AirPods, and the Find My network’s various security features.

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