Applying Workday Financial Management

Applying Workday Financial Management

It’s a wise decision to shed what’s clearly become an obsolete finance system and supplant it with Workday Financial Management. This is a digital world, after all, and such a transformation can provide needed agility, boost your organization’s bottom line, and drive strategy. To make the most of the cloud solution, though, you need expert assistance with implementation. Read on for more.

The Issue

So, you’re gaining this sophisticated financial management system that will help give you a leg up over rivals. Workday financial Management will take the place of a disconnected and outdated legacy system that’s been holding your company back. However, to optimize this new system, you need a launch partner who will tailor implementation to your organization — and its goals and objectives.

What are the Advantages of Workday Financial Management?

In a nutshell, Workday Financial Management gives you real-time management and financial reporting, plus important performance indicators, and streamlines your accounts – all using a single system.

Workday also offers financial forecasting, reporting, and planning, allows swifter period-end closings, and wrings the most from finance operation expenditures. In essence, the system is transformative, bringing your finance, planning, and accounting functions up to speed.

Help with Implementation

When it comes to assistance for your technologically edgy system, you don’t want to mess around. We suggest Mercer, which has spent more than a decade helping organizations with deployment. It looks holistically at company needs and puts people – your people – at the core.

In a nutshell, Mercer can reduce your operating costs, heighten your value-to-investment ratio, and make sure stakeholder and leadership goals are met.

What Does Mercer Specifically Do?

To help you drive change and achieve better outcomes, Mercer offers industry expertise and a devotion to client success, as well as a melding of process, functional, and solution competency. You’ll also get innovative and proprietary instruments that assist with implementation processes that include data migration, testing, and change management tools. In addition, Mercer provides a personal touch that dovetails with organizational objectives.

Why Choose Mercer Over Other Consultants?

The thing about Mercer is that it has full knowledge of Workday finance, accounting, and functions. Because of that, you can avoid what may otherwise be a flawed deployment, what with all the layers and stages that accompany such an undertaking. In short order, Mercer will make sure you have the real-time data and financial information needed to make smart decisions fast and efficiently.

Because Workday implementation should never be an afterthought, let’s dig a little deeper. Here are some of the benefits of working with Mercer:

  • International connections. Mercer has in place certified Workday Financial Management experts all over the globe to make sure your efforts stay on track. Although it’s a large company, Mercer takes pride in its personal and individualized approach.
  • Experience. Mercer really shines here. It has deep knowledge of finance and accounting, which allows it to take care of deployment on time and on budget. It also has experience with a myriad of industries, including healthcare, financial, and technical services.
  • Speed. Going with Mercer means you’ll have Workday implemented quicker and less expensively than you would if you opted for a different consultant. After all, Mercer has a host of powerful instruments and methodologies, including report catalogs, data conversion tools, and integration catalogs.

Applying Workday Financial Management means having a credible and reputable partner that knows everything about the transformative cloud solution and will implement it in accordance with your organization’s goals and strategies. Mercer can use its proprietary tools and experience to make sure you don’t have to re-deploy, which would be a veritable nightmare for your organization – and your people. Do yourself a favor and get it right the first time.

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