Armando Montelongo Net Worth -Check Out His Early Life, Career, And Much More!

Armando Montelongo Net Worth

Armando Montelongo Jr. is an entrepreneur and public speaker from the United States. He is most known for appearing on the popular A&E reality show Flip This House as a participant.

He’s now created his own company specializing in real estate investment workshops. Armando Montelongo is believed to have a net worth of $50 million as of 2021.

Many people consider him to be one of the newest celebs. This American real estate mogul and public speaker has been profiled in great depth. If Armando Montelongo, Jr. is something you’re interested in, we’re confident you’ll like your time here. Armando Montelongo, Jr.’s net worth, career, and other details have been added. Check the specifics now.


Armando grew up in San Antonio, where his father had a construction company, according to his account. However, the firm suffered a setback when he was 16 years old due to the U.S. real estate collapse.

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Armando Montelongo’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million.

Armando Montelongo Net Worth

Armando Montelongo is a multi-millionaire with an estimated net worth of $50 million. Armando Montelongo is the creator of Armando Montelongo Companies, which is based in San Antonio, Texas, and offers real estate investment seminars around the United States.

It was named one of the fastest-growing firms in the country, as well as the best education company in the United States, in 2011. He was one of the top three Hispanic company entrepreneurs in the country.

The career of Armando Montelongo

Armando has only supplied a 15-year account of his life, in which he stated that he was having a difficult time due to his home being foreclosed, him and his family having to rely on food stamps, and them living in his in-laws’ garage.

Armando didn’t have any other choice than to work. He saw one day that housing values in Texas were really low, so he began purchasing distressed properties. He began by borrowing $1,000 from his father and then continued to buy and sell such properties.

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Armando claims that after following this formula and improving it, he became a multi-millionaire in three years. Since he was in the same field as his team colleagues, Armando became a part of the show Flip This House.

Armando Montelongo Net Worth

The reality show was a huge hit, with Armando appearing on it for three seasons, greatly enhancing his credibility as a real estate agent. Following the completion of this project, Armando decided to launch his own film production company in 2011, with Line of Duty being one of their most notable movies.

The movie cost $2.5 million to make and was released in 2013. Armando, on the other hand, has concentrated his efforts on his second firm, Armando Montelongo Seminars, which he founded in 2008. He was named the No. 2 Hispanic business owner on the Inc. 500 list as a result of the success of this company.

Armando, who gives a free 90-minute session to entice potential clients to his seminars, is one of the speakers at the real estate seminar. There’s also a $1,500 three-day seminar. The most expensive personal training course, which may cost up to $40,000, is the most significant upsell here.

This company has been the subject of some complaints, prompting the Texas attorney general to launch an investigation. Armando, on the other hand, assured the students that he would work within the law and that the seminars’ marketing would neither be deceptive nor fail to achieve the objectives promised.

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Life in General

Armando Montelongo Net Worth

Armando is the father of a son with Verónica Montelongo. Their marriage, however, dissolved in 2011 and they are no longer together.


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