As Rockstar Games Eliminates Its Frat-Boy Culture, GTA 6 Is Rumored To Have A Female Main Character!

As Rockstar Games Eliminates Its Frat-Boy Culture, GTA 6 Is Rumored To Have A Female Main Character!

Rockstar Games secretly abandoned a form of play for its Grand Theft Auto Online game in the summer of 2020 after a police officer killed George Floyd.

The game mode, called Cops ‘n’ Crooks, was an adaptation of a kid’s game where players form teams of good men and evil guys, but it felt especially tone-deaf during the global debate over police brutality.

Senior firm officials set the story aside because they were worried about how it may be seen in this period of increased suspicion and mistrust of American police.

According to those familiar with the project’s progress, no plans have yet been made to bring it back.

The Take-Two Interactive Software subsidiary Rockstar has recently engaged in a number of politically charged activities. Grand Theft Auto V’s most recent console release was changed to eliminate transphobic jokes, and the gender wage disparity was greatly reduced.

According to some who are familiar with the game, Grand Theft Auto VI will have a female protagonist for the first time.

According to the sources, the Latina woman will play one of two prominent characters in a tale inspired by Bonnie and Clyde’s bank robbery. Contrary to earlier games, the sources claimed, developers are taking extra care not to “punch down” by making jokes about oppressed groups.

Moves like these were formerly inconceivable for a business whose best-selling franchise includes portraying gangsters who murder bystanders and in which women are mostly portrayed as sex objects.

As Rockstar Games Eliminates Its Frat-Boy Culture, GTA 6 Is Rumored To Have A Female Main Character!

A nihilistic parody, Grand Theft Auto V insulted everyone and everything, from liberal politicians to right-wing radio DJs. The tenor remained largely the same within the organization.

Employees of Rockstar have spoken about a culture of drinking, fighting, and trips to strip clubs at work.

Its employees had to work numerous nights and weekends in order to keep a game on time, which became known as crunch, and the company became an early icon of the issue.

With 165 million copies sold, Grand Theft Auto V became the second-best selling game of all time thanks to this financially successful technique. Additionally, it resulted in burnout, attrition, and a public issue in 2018 that spurred a large number of Rockstar staff members to speak out about the challenging workplace.

According to conversations with over 20 people who work there or just left, all of whom asked for anonymity because they weren’t permitted to speak publicly, Rockstar has made an effort to rebrand itself as a more progressive and compassionate company since that uproar.

According to one worker, it was “a guys’ club turned into a legitimate firm.” A Rockstar spokeswoman declined to comment.

Can a kinder, gentler Rockstar still create the critically acclaimed games for which the studio has become famous?

Some employees are uncertain. According to several employees, the company’s overall morale is at its highest point ever. Grand Theft Auto VI is being developed, but it is taking longer than even seasoned staff and impatient fans had anticipated.

While the pandemic played a large role in the delay, other factors included the redesign of the design department and a commitment to limit overtime as part of the company’s efforts to improve working conditions.

Some employees claim that they are still learning how to create games at this new Rockstar and even speculate as to what a Grand Theft Auto game would look like in the present day.

In addition, numerous Rockstar staffers noted that modern-day America cannot be satirized because it is already a parody of itself.

Grand Theft Auto VI will likely feel drastically different from its predecessor due to the company’s new mission and the 2019 departure of Dan Houser, who oversaw the creative direction for several prior Rockstar titles.

A small group of British video game developers established Rockstar Games as a Take-Two subsidiary in 1998. The company revolutionized open-world video games with Grand Theft Auto III in 2001 and its follow-ups, and it expanded to employ thousands of people with offices in California, New York, the UK, and other places.

As Rockstar Games Eliminates Its Frat-Boy Culture, GTA 6 Is Rumored To Have A Female Main Character!

Products related to Grand Theft Auto made up 31% of Take-$3.5 Two’s billion in overall revenue in fiscal 2022, citing the company’s reports.

Jamie King, a founder who left the company after eight years, claimed that the studio was founded on a culture of seven-day workweeks. However, he asserted, that culture is “unsustainable.” Games like Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 demanded what some employees referred to as “death marches”—months of obligatory 14-hour workdays and weekends. These marches had a negative impact on the lives, mental health, and occasionally marriages of the employees.

One of Rockstar’s founders, Houser, claimed that his team had been putting in “100-hour weeks” to complete Red Dead Redemption 2 in October 2018, just before the game’s release. Many workers were swayed by Houser’s remarks, which he later apologized for.

In recent years, similar criticisms have spread throughout the sector. Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, and Ubisoft Entertainment SA have all come under fire from game creators for issues ranging from sexual discrimination to excessive labor demands.

The state of California is suing Activision Blizzard for alleged sexual harassment and discrimination.

According to individuals around the firm, while some businesses have admitted their faults and made promises to improve, none have reacted to a worker uprising as strongly as Rockstar.

Changes to schedule, the conversion of contractors into full-time employees, and the dismissal of some supervisors who were perceived by staff as harsh or difficult to work with are all part of Rockstar’s transition.

As soon as the pandemic began, employees received comfort gifts, cloth masks, and unexpected bonuses. The business pledged to match donations made to Black Lives Matter charity during the demonstrations following the death of Black man George Floyd, who was killed by police.

New mental health and leave benefits are now available to employees. Employees can now take time off right away for each additional hour they work under a new policy known as “flextime.”

And over the past four years, management has made a commitment that excessive overtime won’t be necessary for Grand Theft Auto VI, one of the most eagerly awaited video games in the world by fans and investors.

Maintaining that promise has already led to adjustments in the game. Project Americas, the game’s code name, was originally intended to be bigger than any Grand Theft Auto game to date.

People acquainted with the blueprints claim that early ideas included areas fashioned after sizable portions of North and South America.

The main map was reduced to a fictitious representation of Miami and the surrounding areas as the firm reined in its lofty goals.

Rockstar’s leadership expects that regularly adding new missions and cities to the game throughout time, it would result in less crunch during the game’s final months.

The environment of the game is still very big, with more interior areas than in previous Grand Theft Auto games, which has an impact on the timetable.

Developers reported that Rockstar’s decision to add extra producers to monitor schedules in an effort to reduce overtime has generally been successful, but it has sometimes resulted in bottlenecks.

Some workers complained that they were forced to wait for communication to be relayed through intermediaries or that it appeared that several persons were in command, leaving them confused about who should be in charge at the end of the day.

Imran Sarwar, the former design director who was fired after being accused of bullying and verbal abuse by multiple employees, was replaced by a new management team.

His role was filled by three other directors, leading to what some have referred to as a “too many cooks” situation where design choices are frequently contradictory or in flux.

Employees reported that although developers had anticipated them to be locked down, several essential elements of the game, such as fighting, were still undergoing revisions. A request for comment from Sarwar was ignored.

Analysts in the industry predict that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto will release during Take-2024 Two’s fiscal year, which spans from April 2023 to March 2024, but developers are dubious.

As Rockstar Games Eliminates Its Frat-Boy Culture, GTA 6 Is Rumored To Have A Female Main Character!

Since 2014, the game has been under development. Despite the vague plans in place, many contacted for this article stated that they were unaware of any official release dates and anticipated the game’s release to be at least two years away.

A number of designers left Rockstar’s Edinburgh headquarters earlier this year after complaining to coworkers about the lack of advancement.

Many others, however, assert that they are satisfied to work for an organization where there is little pressure to release a new game.

Because of its Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto V, which was released in 2013, is the most lucrative entertainment franchise ever.

Rockstar now has the freedom to make major adjustments and take its time on the following project because of its extraordinary financial success.

Restructuring Rockstar’s culture might also aid in retention and recruitment, as one employee noted, as well as produce games that are “better for everyone working on them,” and presumably the people playing them, too.


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