AT&T and Verizon reached a deal with FAA for C-Band 5G at airports

AT&T and Verizon reached a deal with FAA for C-Band 5G at airports

With AT&T and Verizon (Engadget’s former parent company), the FAA says it has reached an agreement to deploy C-band 5G networks around airports. “Steps that allow more aircraft to safe manner are using key airports while still enabling greater deployment of 5G service,” according to the agency, have been found by the three parties.

When it comes to analysing how 5G C-Band signals interact with sensitive aircraft instruments, the providers provided “more precise data well about exact location of wireless transmitters,” according to the FAA.

The data was used to “determine that it is possible to easily and more precisely map the shape and size of the areas around airports within which 5G signals are mitigated, getting smaller the areas where wireless operators are defaulting their antenna activations,” according to the agency. Wireless service providers will be able to safely transform on even more towers even though they roll out new 5G services across major US markets.”

AT&T and Verizon reach agreement with FAA

Airlines and wireless companies had been at odds over C-Band 5G for months before they finally came to terms on this deal. Verizon and AT&T voluntarily delayed the rollout by six weeks to address the concerns that there own services might interfere to aircraft systems and electronics due to the proximity of frequencies used by altimeters to those in the C-Band band.

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Some of the airlines’ CEOs wrote the federal government earlier this month to say that the networks could interfere with their aircrafts’ instruments and cause a “catastrophic” event.

It was only last week that AT&T and Verizon turned on their C-Band 5G networks after making an agreement to create temporary buffer zones round the dozens of airports. These networks have been successfully implemented in 40 other countries, according to them.

Following the FAA agreement, it is unclear when AT&T and Verizon attempt to turn on C-Band 5G towers nearer to airports. There was no response from the suppliers.

Wireless industry trade association CTIA was upbeat about the news. In a statement, CTIA’s chief communications officer Nick Ludlum said the development “illustrates the significant advances the wireless industry, aviation industry, FAA, and FCC are seeking to make to ensure robust 5G service and safe flights.”

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Other aviation stakeholders will also be consulted as part of the FAA’s efforts to ensure helicopters can practical in areas where 5G is currently or is expected to be deployed.

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