Aventon’s Level.2 Electric Bike Is Here to Solve Your Commuting Woes!

Aventon's Level.2 Electric Bike Is Here to Solve Your Commuting Woes

The most popular electric bikes from Aventon have all just received updates, including new frames, built-in LED lighting, and Bluetooth-enabled, full-color displays. The Level is getting better thanks to the Aventon Level.2 commuter e-bike.

When I first evaluated the first Aventon Level about two years ago, I essentially begged for my money.

Aventon's Level.2 Electric Bike Is Here to Solve Your Commuting Woes

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The Aventon Level.2 Improves an Already Outstanding Commuting Bike.

I had the chance to test out the new electric bike in the weeks before it was made available. I’ll soon provide a thorough evaluation along with a video that details my testing procedure. That should come in the upcoming days.

But first, let’s look at some of Aventon Level.2’s most recent features.

One of the most important recent changes to the bike is how the motor is activated. When utilizing the throttle, the bike’s 500W continuous-rated rear hub motor allows it to travel up to 20 mph (32 km/h), and when using pedal assistance, it can travel up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

By the way, a brand-new torque sensor has been added to the pedal aid system, making it better than ever. In contrast to cadence sensors, which measure the frequency of pedaling but not intensity, torque sensors are gaining popularity.

This makes the pedal assist significantly more immediate and natural because your own power supply is most comparable to the bikes.

The addition of an eight-speed gearbox enhances the pedaling experience while allowing riders to choose the best gear ratio for any speed or terrain.

A 48V, 14Ah battery that is integrated inside the frame provides the 672 Wh. With modest pedal help, the battery should last for about 40 miles (64 km). You may only get roughly 25 miles (40 km) out of the battery if you want to travel at maximum power.

The battery for the Aventon Level.2 can be stored away inside the frame, but it can also be taken out and charged independently of the bike.

Aventon's Level.2 Electric Bike Is Here to Solve Your Commuting Woes

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I wish that other manufacturers would imitate Aventon’s recognizable clean welds and produce frames as stunning as this one. It’s hard to get such well-made goods at this price.

And a nice illustration of frame integrations is the backlights. Aventon incorporated the tail lights inside the seat stays of the frame, just like they did with their other popular electric bicycles. The implication is that you will have a good side and rear visibility at night. As you turn into corners, front headlights mounted on the handlebars pivot in unison with the bars.

A pair of hydraulic disc brakes, which do not require routine maintenance, supply the braking power. In contrast to cable disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes maintain their setting until the pads are worn out.

Depending on how frequently you ride and how hard you brake, it may be a year before you need to do maintenance and replace the brake pads.

With its 27.5 x 2.1′′ tires, the Aventon Level.2 boasts a full set of fenders to keep you clean and dry. It is perfect for commuters because it has a rear rack to which panniers or a cargo box may be attached.

This bicycle comes with a step-over frame that weighs 54 lb (24.5 kg) and a step-through frame that weighs 24.5 lb (11 kg) (52 pounds or 23.6 kg).

The four colors on offer are Polar White, Himalayan Pink, Glacier Blue, and Clay. The new Aventon Level.2 is available for $1,949 on the Aventon website.


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