Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Is Dating Paige Lorenze!

Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Is Dating Paige Lorenze!

Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze are developing a new romance.

Paige and The Bachelorette alum are dating, many sources told E! News. According to a source close to Tyler, the two “have been dating for a month.”

Paige and Tyler were reportedly seen out together over the Fourth of July weekend at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York, according to Page Six.

The 24-year-old model, who, according to her Instagram, also founded the company Dairy Boy, has a history of dating Armie Hammer.

The relationship between Tyler and Paige began about a year ago, when a different source close to Tyler told E! News that the two had broken up after dating for eight months.

Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Is Dating Paige Lorenze!

The second source said in August 2021 that “the split was “mutual” and “distance played a part,” adding that “Tyler Cameron has been traveling for job obligations, so it’s been rough for the two.”

“Camila broke off the relationship to focus on her fashion modeling profession,” a spokeswoman for Camila said to E! News at the time.

Tyler hasn’t been afraid to talk about what he wants in a companion after the breakup.

In February, he said, “Someone that, one, is eager and ambitious, but two, someone who’s really family-oriented.” And third, someone who is simply looking for a challenge.

Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Is Dating Paige Lorenze!

His wish list doesn’t end there, though! Tyler stated he wanted “someone whose grin is contagious” and “can light up a room” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 21.

“She’s got to be attractive also,” he continued. “How they are with the people around them—they respect the waiter, the parents, and their friends—big that’s for me.”


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