Best Documentaries On Netflix To Watch: Check Out The Fans Favorite List!!

Best Documentaries On Netflix

Documentary films connect us all. It is the essence of actual life conveyed by the assemblages of historical video and images, talking heads, pre-recorded audio, and sequences of physical expedition or ordinary mundane duties that attract the majority of viewers to documentaries.

If you’re viewing something that is blatantly skewed, though, you still feel like you’re watching something authentic. If only for a brief moment, the audience is allowed into the filmmaker’s head even if the general emphasis of the picture is confined to fit the preconceived storyline.

Great films combine pictures of universal, everyday reality in a variety of formats to convey something really particular, even intimate. We can go deeper into a story than ever before because of the recent explosion of the “docuseries” style.

From true crime to sports to filmmaking, Netflix provides a wide variety of excellent documentaries. We’ve compiled a selection of the greatest documentaries currently available on Netflix.

Here’s The List of The Documentaries To watch on Netflix

The Athlete (2020)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

Larry Nassar, the US Gymnastics team doctor who had been sexually abusing female athletes for decades, is the subject of an excellent feature-length documentary titled Athlete A.

Making A Murderer (2015-2018)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

Many people have forgotten how obsessed the world was with Making A Murderer before the flood of true crime documentaries and podcasts that followed. In many respects, it set the standard for Netflix’s current crop of documentaries. A true one-of-a-kind.

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Seaspiracy (2021)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

Documentaries about the environmental impact of meat consumption have been making headlines recently, and Seaspiracy follows suit. The target of the latest attack is the worldwide fishing sector.

As expected, Seaspiracy has sparked a considerable amount of debate from all stakeholders, including PETA, Greenpeace, and conservation groups. Take a look and form your own opinion.

My Octopus Teacher (2020)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

While snorkeling off the coast of South Africa for a year, filmmaker Craig Foster became friends with an octopus. It’s a nature film, yes, but it’s also a documentary meant to astonish the audience.

In a nutshell, octopuses are amazing. Little aliens living on Earth, to put it another way. An inspiring call to action: Don’t disregard the wonder that is all around you. This is the narrative of a relationship between humans and the environment.

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Our Planet (2019)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

Nature movies featuring David Attenborough are so common that they’ve become targets for parody, yet I believe Our Planet is the pinnacle. Only another Attenborough documentary, Planet Earth, comes close. But this one is better for me.

Tiger King (2020-21)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

Even if its luster has waned over time, the initial buzz over Tiger King’s Netflix premiere was palpable.

Tiger King delves into the bizarre world of large cat breeding, introducing a colorful group of characters that prove to be both memorable and dangerous. It takes the viewer on a bizarre journey. For those who haven’t seen Season 2 yet, it’s exciting to catch up with this ensemble of crazy people who are doing crazy, absurd things.

14 Peaks (2021)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

A year-long quest to summit all 14 peaks over 8,000 meters in Nepalese mountaineer Nimsdai Purja has been chronicled in the documentary 14 Peaks. It’s awe-inspiring. Must see this.

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Bad Sport (2021)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

The True Crime documentary may have been a total loss for Netflix, but the streaming service is blazing a trail when it comes to sports. This growing subcategory has a new entry, Bad Sport, and it’s wonderful.

Bad Sport isn’t about huge athletes doing major things; rather, it’s about what happens when the sport goes bad and gets down in the weeds. These are all fantastic episodes. Looking forward to season 2.

The River Runner (2021)

Best Documentaries On Netflix

For kayaking, the River Runner is analogous to Free Solo. So take that as a nod of approval.

Scott Lindgren, an early pioneer of kayaking, is the focus of this story, but it goes deeper than a typical tale of an extreme sports hero overcoming adversity. Lindgren, who is battling a brain tumor as well as his own inner problems, makes for an interesting case study. Must see this.


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