Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month – Check Out The Updated List!

Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

There is no shortage of breakthrough LGBTQ+ entertainment on television this Pride Month.

Queer representation on all spectrums—trans, non-binary, differently-abled—is more prevalent than ever before on some of television’s most anticipated and important series.

The shows are increasingly being developed by LGBT individuals and featuring only queer performers and writers. Some productions even have all-LGBTQ+ staff working behind the scenes.

Thankfully, the days of the token homosexual best friend or the eccentric lesbian aunt are coming to an end. These are genuine people with genuine experiences to tell.

The groundbreaking breakthroughs are taking place across all genres of television, from comedy to drama, reality to animation, and on both broadcast and streaming platforms.

According to a February research by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), 11.9 per cent of characters on broadcast television are LGBTQ+, which is a new high.

For the first time, GLAAD combed through the programming of the eight most popular streaming services—Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, Paramount+, Apple TV+, Disney+, and HBO Max—and discovered 245 LGBTQ+ series of regular characters and 113 LGBTQ+ recurring characters.

There’s certainly lots of opportunity for improvement, but things are shifting, and it’s time to rejoice.

In Honour of Pride Month, Here Is a List of The Top LGBTQ+ Programmes to Watch.

First Kill

Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month


First Kill will be available on Netflix on June 10th, and I’m really looking forward to it. A vampire-centric series about the forbidden love between a vampire and a monster hunter is based on the short tale of the same name by the great writer Victoria “V.E.” Schwab.

Juliette, an adolescent vampire who has reached the age where she must perform her first kill in order to claim her proper position among her powerful vampire family, is introduced in the episode.

Then there’s Calliope, an adolescent monster hunter who’s also on a first-kill mission. However, as Juliette and Calliope meet and sparks fly, they rapidly learn that the other isn’t as easy to murder as they thought, especially when romantic sentiments are involved.


Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

With its charm and humour, Netflix’s Heartstopper has already won over viewers. The moving coming-of-age narrative of young pals Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor) who find their relationship may be more has already won over fans.

It also boasts a standout performance by Yasmin Finney as Elle, a transgender woman who arrives in town after coming out.

The programme does an amazing job of presenting the risks and pitfalls of adolescence as a queer adolescent, as well as the eventual payoff. The programme has already been renewed for two more seasons, which is fantastic news.

Keep an eye out for Olivia Colman as Nick’s mother, who makes a touching visit.

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Georgia and Ginny

Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

Ginny and Georgia are not only one of the cutest gay couples but also one of the nicest mother-daughter duos. Ginny meets a new buddy named Max in her new town in the first season of the adolescent drama.

Max is a lesbian adolescent with a crush on a heterosexual female. That, predictably, does not go well, and Max finds up heartbroken. But then Max meets Sophie, who she characterises as the “hottest girl in school,” and the two strike up a quick friendship.

They finally marry, and viewers are treated to a plethora of lovely moments between the young couple. When you get the opportunity, we strongly advise you to check out Ginny and Georgia. Also, the second season of Ginny and Georgia is in the works, so Max’s tale isn’t over yet.

Young Royals

Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

Young Royals is the next programme on our list of the top LGBTQ+ Netflix series. It’s a Swedish teen drama about Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding), a Prince who enrols at a famous boarding school after becoming embroiled in a major controversy.

Wilhelm can finally discover his inner self and find out what type of life he really desires by enrolling in the boarding school and escaping his royal commitments. Wilhelm meets a scholarship student called Simon (Omar Rudberg) at the boarding school, and viewers get to witness their budding romance.

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Sex Education

Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

So, one of the things I like about Sex Education is that it includes a number of LGBTQ+ characters and relationships. It’s one of the queerest teen shows I’ve ever seen, and I adore it! An openly homosexual character was embroiled in a love triangle with two males in the adolescent series, which isn’t something we’ve seen a lot of on television.

The love triangle cliché is usually reserved for straight couples, so seeing it applied to LGBT people was refreshing. A queer partnership consisting of a pansexual woman and a bisexual woman is also shown, however it is rarely seen on television.

In season 3, viewers meet a non-binary figure and learn about their backstory. Because the non-binary group is underrepresented in the media, it was amazing to see this representation in Sex Education.


Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

Another Netflix drama with multiple LGBTQ+ characters and romances is Elite. The adolescent drama covers the lives of pupils at a famous Spanish secondary school.

There’s romance, drama, murder, and much more drama in this story. It’s probably one of Netflix’s greatest teen shows. Rebe and Mencia were one of the most popular couples, and many people fell in love with them. You couldn’t help but cheer for them to get together since they had so much chemistry.

There’s also the matter of Omar and Ander’s connection. Their relationship has its ups and downs, but you can tell they’re soulmates. Not to mention Patrick, the openly gay adolescent who delights in causing havoc for the other characters.

Orange Is the New Black

Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

Orange Is the New Black must be included in any list of the finest LGBTQ+ Netflix series. The comedy-drama series was an instant sensation when it aired on Netflix in 2013. People were smitten by Piper and Alex’s romance.

Even though there was a lot of treachery and turmoil between them, you could see that Piper and Alex were in love. Poussey and Soso were another adorable LGBT pair on the show. It was fascinating to follow their love story as it unfolded. Then there were characters like openly lesbian Nicky Nichols and transgender lady Sophia Burset, who were also fantastic LGBTQ+ characters.

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Bounty Hunters for Teens

Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch In Pride Month

To this day, the cancellation of Teenage Bounty Hunters bothers me. This programme had a lot of promise, but Netflix didn’t see it. Teenage Bounty Hunters delivered on the promise of a terrific enemies-to-lovers narrative. Sterling and Blair, two teenage twin sisters, surreptitiously become bounty hunters in order to pay for their truck’s repairs on the show.

Because viewers are introduced to Sterling while she has a boyfriend, her sexuality is never fully established. However, she begins to have feelings for April, an ex-friend and foe.

Later on, it’s shown that April had affection for Sterling as well. There were several obstacles in the way for the young pair, as with every enemies-to-lovers narrative. Despite the fact that the sitcom only lasted one season, we encourage viewing it since Sterling and April had many sweet moments throughout the season.


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