Bing’s Dall-E Image Creator is Now On Microsoft Edge.

Bing's Dall-E Image Creator is Now on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is adding AI features to every app and service it can, from its Bing search engine to its Office apps. The latest thing to be added to Microsoft Edge is a panel for the Bing Image Creator.

Last month, Microsoft released Bing Image Creator. It uses a modified version of DALL-E 2 to make AI images based on text. Anyone can use the service at, and it can also be started from Bing Chat. Microsoft is also giving it a sidebar panel in the Edge browser.

In today’s blog post, it says, “This feature will let you make images that don’t exist yet. It uses the latest DALL-E models from our partners at OpenAI and works right from the sidebar of Microsoft Edge. If you’ve ever needed a very specific picture for a social media post or even a PowerPoint, Image Creator can help you find it.”

The new panel works the same way as the web version of Bing Image Creator, but the interface is smaller so it can fit in the sidebar. Microsoft says that you might need to click the plus sign (+) on the sidebar and turn on Image Creator to see the new panel. If you don’t see it in the list, it hasn’t reached you yet.

This is one of the recent changes to Microsoft’s desktop browser, which also includes a split-screen mode, real-time tab sharing, and, of course, a big button for Bing Chat. A cryptocurrency wallet is also in the works. That’s a lot of unnecessary features.

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