Boris Johnson Net Worth In 2022 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Boris Johnson Net Worth

With a net worth of £79,936, Boris Johnson. Since 2019, Boris Johnson has held the positions of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson was chosen as the Conservative Party’s leader and become prime minister in 2019 following Theresa May’s resignation. We provide you with exclusive knowledge about Boris Johnson’s fortune, salary, automobiles, and more in this post.

Childhood and Journalism

June 1964 saw the birth of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in New York City, New York. He earned degrees from Oxford’s Balliol College and Eton College. As a young man, Boris worked as a journalist. He was a Times and Daily Telegraph employee. He worked as The Daily Telegraph’s assistant editor starting in 1994. From 1999 to 2005, he was the editor of The Spectator.

Boris Johnson’s Net Worth

Boris Johnson Net Worth

The estimated wealth of Boris Johnson is $2 million. Queen Elizabeth II named Boris prime minister in July 2019, following Theresa May’s resignation as leader after her party lost the popular vote. Johnson previously presided as London’s mayor from 2008 to 2016. He is the second Prime Minister to have been born outside of the British Isles in British history. He was born in the Big Apple.

A fresh election was announced and Parliament was dissolved in October 2019. Boris was re-elected on December 12, 2019, giving his conservative party its highest majority in 30 years.

After a string of controversies and departures from his own party, Boris Johnson declared on July 7, 2022, that he would voluntarily leave his position as prime minister.

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Political Path

Between 2001 and 2008, Boris Johnson served as a member of parliament for the Henley constituency. He subsequently went on to oversee the 2012 London Olympics while serving as mayor of London for the following eight years.

In 2016, amid the Brexit campaign to remove Britain from the European Union, he rose to the top of the political scene.

In 2016, Johnson led the government of Prime Minister Theresa May as Foreign Secretary.

After serving for two years, Johnson quit in 2018 after objecting to May’s plan for a “soft” Brexit. The leaders of the conservative movement were split between those who backed May and Johnson-led party, hardliners.

In December, he called for a hasty election, which he won with the largest Tory parliamentary majority since the 1980s.

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Personal Life

Boris Johnson Net Worth

The daughter of a well-known art historian and an Italian author, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, was married to Boris from 1987 to 1993.

Boris married Marina Wheeler only 12 days after his divorce with Allegra was confirmed. The couple split up in 2018.

He wed Carrie Symonds in 2021.

Six kids were born to Boris: two from Carrie Johnson, one from an affair, and four from his marriage to Wheeler. He had dual US and UK citizenship for most of his life. In order to demonstrate his commitment to the United Kingdom, he resigned from his US citizenship in 2016.

Actual Estate

He formerly shared a lavish house in the Islington neighborhood of London with Marina Wheeler. They sold this home in 2019 as part of their divorce for the equivalent of $4.6 million.

Boris kept his Oxfordshire villa that he rents out for $6-7,000 a month even after the divorce.

Additionally, he still has a 20% stake in the long-standing family estate in the isolated Exmoor region.

In 2021, when he wed Carrie, they spent $1.65 million on a home in South London.

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Johnson received a substantial salary for the Shakespeare book

Boris Johnson Net Worth

Johnson has a long experience as a journalist and has written a number of popular books, many of which highlight significant figures and events in British history.

He signed a hefty contract in 2015 to write a book titled Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius with publishers Hodder & Stoughton. He reportedly made a deal for £500,000 seven years ago, but he has continuously delayed the publication date.

He stated that he “won’t be able to fast conclude a book on Shakespeare that I have in preparation” after being chosen as prime minister in 2019. Sincerely, that will make me sad.

He may now have the chance to write a biography now that he will soon be leaving office, and he will probably also publish a book on his time as prime minister.


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