Cardi B Claims Her Daughter Kulture Has Never Had a Nanny!

Cardi B Claims Her Daughter Kulture Has Never Had a Nanny!

An active mother! Although it wasn’t always the idea, Cardi B has never employed a babysitter to help raise her daughter Kulture.

There weren’t many artists who had children at the start of their careers. I didn’t have an album out when I found out I was pregnant,” the 29-year-old rapper admitted in a July 12 interview with Vogue Singapore.

Everyone was quite worried about my work and future, but I kept promising them it would be simple. Please believe me when I say that I will be traveling up and down with a nanny. It won’t even be an inconvenience.

But after Kulture was born, the New Yorker found she wasn’t entirely at ease having anyone handle her baby. She said, “I couldn’t even consider hiring a nanny when the baby arrived because I was frightened of anyone being around her besides my family.

The “WAP” musician, who has a 4-year-old daughter named Kulture and a 10-month-old son named Wave with rapper Offset, acknowledged that her strong family support system allows her to manage her busy schedule without hiring staff. She recognizes she can’t rely on it too much, but she respects it nonetheless.

Cardi B Claims Her Daughter Kulture Has Never Had a Nanny!

The “Superbass” musician said, “Your parents have already lived their lives and raised their kids. They lack the youthful vigor of someone in their 20s since they are older. I’m never distant from my children because I have a motherly duty to do so.

This obligation can be challenging, especially if your children aren’t performing at their best. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper acknowledged on Tuesday that being “up all night and all day” with a sick Wave has made things “very tough.”

“I’m worn out. I’ve felt afraid and overpowered,” the Love & Hip Hop alum admitted. “I began to consider how much my mother had to go through because my sister and I always became sick at the same time. A little different perspective is provided by having children, so I’ve never appreciated my [mom] more.

In Georgia, the Grammy winner wed husband Offset, 30, in September 2017. The wave was born in September 2021, and Kulture, her first child, was born in July 2018. Prior to dating Cardi, the Migos member had three children of his own: Jordan with Justine Watson, Kody with Oriel Jamie, and Kalea with Shya L’Amour.

Cardi B Claims Her Daughter Kulture Has Never Had a Nanny!

Many people said, “Oh, he has three kids already; why would you have a kid with someone who has three kids?” while I was expecting Kulture. In a Vogue interview from December 2019, Cardi B recalled. “How is it such a horrible thing, I wonder?

We all get along, my dad has eight kids, and it feels better and fuller. And with Offset, I believe that his children simply add a burst of joy to life when they are there. Actually, I adore it. I enjoy seeing a different aspect of him emerge in this situation, and I adore watching my infant engage with her sibling. More people are better.


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