Cheats For GTA 5 On The PC: Every Single Cheat Code!

Cheats For GTA 5 On The PC: Every Single Cheat Code!

One of the few video games with active cheat codes is Grand Theft Auto V. In single-player mode, GTA 5 cheat codes are functional, but keep in mind that utilizing them would essentially ruin the game.

You can utilize cheat codes if you want to advance the plot much more quickly. However, if you use cheats, many of GTA 5’s best missions will become less enjoyable for you to play.

Keep in mind that GTA 5 cheats also remove the game’s achievements, and that cheats don’t function in GTA Online. Below, you’ll find a list of the best GTA 5 PC cheats we could find.

How to add cheats to GTA 5 on a PC

You can enter these cheats in the console by pressing the tilde key () on your keyboard when playing GTA 5 on a computer.

In GTA 5, how to gain infinite funds

Cheats For GTA 5 On The PC: Every Single Cheat Code!

GTA 5 tricks cannot be used to obtain an infinite supply of money. In GTA 5, you’ll need to employ legal strategies, including stock market investing.

How to gain limitless ammunition in GTA 5

In GTA 5, using cheats won’t grant you access to endless ammunition. All of the game’s weapons are accessible, but you can’t purchase an endless supply of ammunition.

GTA 5 PC hacking

Here are all the GTA 5 PC hacks that we thought were helpful.

Liquor in Drunk Mode

makes it extremely difficult to run, drive, or even walk.

Speedy Run: CATCHME

Makes you run more quickly, as the cheat’s name implies.

Quick swimmer: GOTGILLS

Your swimming speed has really improved.

Powerup, a recharging capability

Your current character’s special ability is charged up and ready to go.

Cheats For GTA 5 On The PC: Every Single Cheat Code!

the phrase “Skyfall”

will instantly lift you into the air when you skydive without having access to a parachute.

Click here to view the instructions for the Bigfoot (Sasquatch) mode. Eating a specific Peyote plant causes the cheat to be activated.

Hyperjump: HOPTOIT

You’re able to jump far farther than usual. To make even larger jumps, use and hold the spacebar jump button.

Rounds with Explosives: HIGHEX

Your ammunition will detonate upon impact.

HOTHANDS: Explosive Melee Attacks

Although it doesn’t hurt you, your melee assaults become explosive.

INCENDIARY Flaming Bullets

Your bullets will ignite anything they strike.

LAWYERUP, a lower level of wanted

Use this to reduce the number of stars you are sought by.

Wanted Level Raised to FUGITIVE

Use this to add one star to your level of wanted.

God Mode: PAINKILLER / Invincibility

5 minutes of immunity are granted before you must reenter the code to extend it.

Maximum Health & Protection: Turtle

Your health and armour are fully restored.

DEADEYE in Slow Motion

To aim your weapon, you have a lot more time. Up to four times the code entry will increase the impact. The cheat will stop working after your fifth entry.

Parachutist: SKYDIVE

gives you a parachute to use. Simply put it on and activate it by clicking the LEFTBUTTON on your mouse.


You will receive all of the game’s weapons as well as an ample supply of ammo.

Weather Modification: MAKEITRAIN

will alternate between the following weather conditions: bright, clear, cloudy, smoky, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing, and snowy.

the JRTALENT directing mode

activates the game’s director mode.

FLOATER: Moon Gravity

Less gravity applies to cars. You can float more by holding down the SPACEBAR.

SNOWDAY: Slippery Cars

If you want to drift, this is quite helpful.


impedes the game’s overall speed. The hack can be used up to three times for maximum impact. The cheat is removed with a fourth entry.

BANDIT from Spawn BMX

Create for you a vintage BMX.

Buzzoff the spawned buzzard

Provides machine gun and missile ammunition for the Buzzard attack helicopter.

HOLEIN1: Spawn Caddy

If you feel like playing a round of golf, a golf cart will appear.

Create a Comet: COMET

the two-door sports vehicle Comet is born.

FLYSPRAY: Spawn Duster

a crop duster plane appears.

VINEWOOD: Spawn Limo

a stretch limousine appears for you.

PCJ-600 spawn: ROCKET

the PCJ-600 sports bike appears, in case you need to get somewhere quickly.

Rapid GT: RAPIDGT, spawn

the sports vehicle Rapid GT is born.

Sanchez was born OFFROAD.

the dirt bike made by Sanchez.

BARNSTORM is a spawn stunt plane.

spawns a stunt plane capable of aerobatics.

Launch Trashmaster: TRASHED

the Trashmaster, a garbage truck, appears.

When Duke O’Death spawns, DEATHCAR

By successfully completing the “Duel” random event, you can unlock the Duke O’Death automobile.

Launch Kraken The following is the translation: BUBBLES

Finish the “Wildlife Photography Challenge” to unlock the Kraken submarine (snap pictures of all 20 animals in the game). There are no other in-game cheats for marine craft [further information].

Dodo spawn plane: EXTINCT

The “Sea Plane” random event must be finished to unlock the Dodo.


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