Chrome is releasing an update for Android that enables users to lock their incognito sessions with a password or biometric data when they exit the app. The capability has been accessible to iOS users for some time; it is now made available to Chrome for Android users.

This functionality can be activated in Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security by toggling the “Lock incognito tabs when you close Chrome” switch. The next time a user departs Chrome, their incognito session will be shut immediately. To unlock the incognito tabs, use your device’s biometric unlock.

This function is useful when searching for a subject that you do not want to appear in your recommendations or history.

Due to the fact that Google has just begun rolling out the feature, the update may not be available to you even if you are using the most recent version. In this scenario, enter “chrome:/flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android” and enable the flag to immediately enable the capability.

As part of a larger upgrade, Google has updated its Safety Check function to provide users with more personalised suggestions regarding the rights they have granted to specific websites. For example, if a website is sending an excessive number of alerts, Safety Check will ask you to modify the settings for notification access.

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