Chrome OS May Soon get you access to share Wi-Fi Passwords by using Nearby Share

Nearby Share, Google’s AirDrop clone for Chromebooks, was released at the end of last year. Nearby Share on Chrome OS may soon allow users to share their Wi-Fi passwords as part of an effort to enhance the functionality of the feature.

While many consider Google’s Nearby Share the Apple’s AirDrop equivalent, it allows users to easily share files between multiple Android and Chrome OS devices that seem to be — you guessed it, at the same time. As a result, it appears that Google will soon allow Chromebook users the ability to share their Chromebook’s Wi-Fi credentials with other devices.

Google Will Soon Let You Share Wi-Fi Passwords

ChromeStory has spotted hints of this capability in the Chromium repository. Sharing Wi-Fi credentials (including the network’s SSID, security type and WiFi password) with some other Nearby Share users is now possible with this new feature. Of both sender and the receiver must have Nearby Share enabled and be within Bluetooth range in order for this to work.

Chrome OS May Soon get you access to share Wi-Fi Passwords by using Nearby Share
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Similar to how Android users could indeed share Wi-Fi information with some other Android users via Nearby Share, this feature will be available on iOS as well. As soon as Chromebooks got their hands on Nearby Share, Wi-Fi sharing seemed like a logical next step.

It’s important to keep in mind that Chrome OS’s Nearby Share Wi-Fi sharing feature may still be in it’s own early stages, and no word has been given as to when it will become stable. It is possible that it will not be available to Chromebook users in the near future.

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The company appears to be working on improving Nearby Share on Chromebooks in addition to these efforts. Recently, it was revealed that Google is trying out a new feature for Chrome OS devices called Self Share. When enabled, Chrome OS laptops and tablets will be able to share files with other nearby devices like Android phones as well as Chrome OS devices via Nearby Share. No information has been provided, however, regarding its accessibility.

Nearby Share is getting better all the time, and now you can use it to share your Chrome Wi-Fi credentials with others. Hopefully, the company will come up with even more innovative ways to make the use sharing in the future. If you’ve any query related to this Chrome Features then you may contact us below in the comment section.

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