Citrus Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Much More

Are you looking for a new show to binge-watch? Citrus is back with Season 2! The series follows the life of high school student Yuzu, who moves in with her grandmother after her mother remarries. She soon discovers that she has an older half-sister named Mei and becomes caught up in the world of fashion. Watch Citrus on Netflix now! Click here to watch Citrus on Netflix now!

Citrus is a Japanese Yuri manga series based on the film and written and illustrated by Saburouta, which was later adapted for a TV series. The original Citrus was launched in November 2012 and concluded in August 2018. It was adapted by Passione and aired 12 episodes. It’s been three years since the first season of Citrus aired. Since then, fans have been waiting for the continuation of season 2. The first season of Ace Attorney received a mixed response from the public. This program is either one of your favorites or one of your least-liked; there is no in between. However, it’s worth checking out the series that has previously discussed a taboo connection.

The ratings of several rating systems have shown that Yuri has an average ranking. IMDb and MyAnimeList have given it a positive review. MyAnimeList gave Season 1 a 6.5 out of 10 and Season 2 a 7.0 out of 10, while IMDb rated the season 6.3 out of 10 and gave it a 6.5 out of 10. Now, the fans are eager to know when the series will resume and if it has been renewed for a second season. Here, we’ll give you the most up-to-date information about the program, so keep reading to find out what the chances are…

Season 2 of Citrus is expected to be released in late 2019.

Citrus Season 2

It’s been three years since the first season was published. There have been no green lights for the continuation of season 2 from the producers of the anime. However, if the creators decide to renew the program, we can anticipate season 2 to premiere in the latter months of 2022. Because of the fact that it has been awarded a rating, there are many claims that season 2 will be canceled due to its current position, and secondly due to profit graphs.

However, because there are millions of fans who are still waiting for the return of season 2, which might be responsible for the renewal of season 2, it is difficult to say that the season will not come back. It has earned a lot of favorable comments for its substance and other characteristics, in addition to a few negative ones. However, if the creators make an official announcement, we will provide you with further information.

Season two of Citrus is now in production.

Season 2 has yet to be confirmed, but considering that it is common for series to be renewed and most likely we will see many of the cast members return. Join us as we discuss the current happenings within the world of TV, film, and streaming.

Maeno Tomoaki as Sho Aihara
Ume Aihara is played by Kana Ueda.
Kayo Maruta is voiced by Ikumi Hayama.
Shiori Izawa plays Matsuri Mizusawa.
Himeko Momokino is portrayed by Yurika Kubo.
Nina Tachibana is played by Rei Matsuzaki.
Sara Tachibana is played by Hisako Kanemoto.
Amber Lee Connors is Mei Aihara.
Harumi Taniguchi is played by Yukiyo Fujii.
Harumi Taniguchi is played by Margaret McDonald.
Yuzu Aihara is played by Magan Shipman.
Yuzu Aihara is voiced by Yayanisata Ayana Taketatsu.
Mei Aihara is played by Minami Tsuda.
Bryn Apprill as Himeko
Terri Doty played Ume Aihara in the film.
Tadanori Date as Man

What will Season 2 of Citrus bring to us?

The producers of the program have not yet renewed it for a second season. Neither the show’s creators nor anybody else has provided any hints regarding the next season. Unfortunately, we have no information about the narrative of the series. As we all know, Citrus comprises of almost 10 volumes, and season 1 adapted 5 volumes from the novel, suggesting that season 2 might begin at the narrative of the 6th volume.

The second season of Better Call Saul ends with tensions, love triangles, and distractions exploding all around Jimmy as he prepares to flee the country. As a result, we may anticipate that season 2 will abound with the same sentiments. In the conclusion, we witnessed Mei hesitant to express her true feelings of love for Yuzu and unable to persuade him about their relationship. In season 2, we may anticipate Mei to express her emotions with Yuzu in more uncomfortable situations as they explore their feelings and sexuality. However, all of this is just conjecture and cannot be trusted until the show’s producers offer any information on it.

Citrus Season 2 – Is there a trailer?

No, the show’s producers have not released any teaser for it and we shouldn’t expect one for a while because the series hasn’t been renewed for season 2. So, keep an eye out for this area as we’ll post an update if there’s any official news.

Final Words

The creators of the program have yet to renew it, and they haven’t said when it will return. However, it is anticipated that it will debut in 2022, but we are unable to give precise dates at this time. Be sure to check back for more exciting news on your favorite shows.

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