Cleaning Hacks: Some Absolute Genius Hacks That Needs To Be Executed In Your Daily Life!

Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning is a task that faces us with increasing pressure, even though how often we do it depends on our lifestyle and whether or not we can afford a housekeeping service.

I need to do some serious housework right now, but I don’t have much time, and the last thing I want to do when I get home from work spends an hour cleaning the stove or bathtub.

Is it best to put off cleaning until the weekend so that I may spend the entire day getting rid of the inevitable dust and grime?

I was leaning toward a big fat “yes” until I talked to a few cleaning professionals and realized I can accomplish a lot without devoting hours of my day, and better yet, I can use ingredients I already have on hand for cooking, etc., so I don’t have to spend a small fortune on a new batch of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Here Are Some Of The Best Cleaning Hacks

Plan Your Cleaning

All of us occasionally get cleaning frenzies, but planning ahead will help your cleaning hacks process go more smoothly.

Cleaning actually is similar to dancing.

Starting from a high point, you move downward and around, carefully observing anything that requires attention, explains McGee. Work in a circle around a room, not going back and forth from one thing across the room to another, as you travel around, wiping light switches, door frames, baseboards, and walls. Keep moving smoothly about your house and avoid getting distracted.

Utilize a vacuum to clean your cabinets

Cleaning Hacks

For cleaning difficult-to-reach cabinet spaces, your vacuum might be a useful tool. To remove dust and crumbs inside, use the brush attachment on your vacuum.

Debra Johnson from Merry Maids suggests using a towel moistened with warm water and Murphy Oil Soap to clean the region surrounding the hardware on the outside of the cabinets.

Use olive oil to polish surfaces

Olive oil offers a variety of health advantages (and can possibly increase longevity). It turns out that it can aid in house cleaning as well.

“Stainless steel pots, pans, and appliances may be cleaned with olive oil quite effectively.

To remove any stains, apply olive oil to a soft cloth and rub in a circular motion, advises Mat Franken, CEO, and Founder of Aunt Fannie’s, a company that makes cleaning and pest control products for the home using whole food ingredients.

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The tub will essentially be cleaned for you with baking soda and vinegar

Cleaning Hacks

For tubs, Jenice Findley, director of marketing at the recently established Fins Property Maintenance, which provides a range of commercial cleaning services, suggests the following 10-minute strategy.

Findley advises “[mixing] 1 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup baking soda, and boiling water and pouring into [an empty] tub and allowing to sit for 5 minutes.”

Start filling the tub with hot water, filling it to about one-quarter capacity, and then leave it for five more minutes. After that, open the drain and properly rinse.

Cleaner Can Be Found in a Pillowcase

You shouldn’t use the pillowcase you use to sleep on every night, but you should try this technique as soon as possible to clean your ceiling fans.

To prevent dust from landing on a table or bed explains Reichert, “the pillowcase traps the dust.” A fan can be dusted in a very clean way. Find out how to keep pillowcases smelling fresh with the cleaning tip you wish you knew sooner.

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A home-made aromatherapy cleaning method for gleaming sinks and bathtubs

In addition, James advises combining dish soap, baking soda, and a few drops each of lemon and basil essential oils to make your sink or bathtub sparkle. “Sponge the mixture for 10 minutes on the surface of your bathtub and bathroom sink. They’ll sparkle once they’ve dried off with water.

To clean blinds, use socks

Cleaning Hacks

Socks are used as a duster in Melissa Maker’s cleaning tip from Clean My Space. First, spray some water on an old sock that is on one of your hands. Once the dust is removed from both sides of the slat, grasp each blind panel firmly and move your sock-covered hand from one end to the other.

Put on rubber gloves and remove pet hair

Rubber gloves will do the trick, according to Leanne Stapf, vice president of operations at The Cleaning Authority, “when your typical vacuum doesn’t seem to get all your pet’s hair.”

“Just put them on and rub down any places that require more cleaning. Rubber may provide elasticity when pressed up against the fabric, which can be used to collect any remaining pet hair. The hair will come off the gloves if you rinse them under running water after using them.

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Using baby wipes to spot-clean fabrics

Due to their low moisture content, gentle cleaning chemicals, and short drying time, baby wipes are surprisingly effective. For this reason, Derek Christian of Cleaning Business Today advises applying them to spots and stains on materials. Cleaning wipes, which could include bleach or other dangerous chemicals, should not be confused with baby wipes.

Coffee filters are used to dust electronics

Cleaning Hacks

Coffee filters are valuable products to have around the house, not only in the kitchen, according to Stapf. They work just as well as clothes at removing dust from displays, including those on TVs, computers, and other screens around the house.


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