Clovehitch Killer Ending Explained -What Really Happened to Don Burnside?

Clovehitch Killer Ending

Netflix has added The Clovehitch Killer (2018). Many people had never heard of it before it came out, but word of mouth has spread like wildfire about this small film.

A lot of questions may be on your mind after seeing Clovehitch Killer. Many new moviegoers have discovered the 2018 slow-burn horror picture on Netflix, just in time for Father’s Day (sorry, I’m kidding).

The Burnside family is the subject of Clovehitch Killer. After learning about the unsolved crime of the Clovehitch Killer, 16-year-old Tyler Burnside (Charlie Plummer) gets obsessed with the investigation.

Is There a Story to This Film?

a 16-year-old girl who stumbles onto disturbing evidence of a serial murderer in the film. Tyler Burnside (Charlie Plummer) is a teenager in Clarksville, Kentucky, where he lives with his devoutly Christian family.

Every person who lives in this little village is haunted by its dark history. The Clovehitch Murderer, a serial killer who murdered 13 women before vanishing ten years ago, has made the town notorious. Tyler discovers a bondage photo in his father’s van later on in his journey. When he goes to meet the girl, she discovers the photograph.

Clovehitch Killer Ending

As others shun him for his BDSM fanaticism, he begins to question if his father has any ties to the Clovehitch Killer after hearing rumors of his involvement. His father is a man of God and a man of the community. ‘ Since he’s uncovering more proof, Tyler begins to think that his father may be the notorious killer.

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Kassi, an ostracised youngster, and amateur Clovehitch historian become Tyker’s new best buddy. Kassi first resents Tyler’s decision to assist him in investigating his father, Don (Dylan McDermott), but she soon succumbs to the pressure and joins him.

They discover a link between the image and a known victim of the Clovehitch. Among the items found in the shed were driver’s licenses and polaroid photos of known Clovehitch victims who had been murdered. Don notices that Tyler is acting suspiciously.

Don is concerned about Tyler and takes him camping to discuss the evidence. Tells him the Clovehitch Killer was actually Tyler’s uncle, Rudy, who is in a vegetative state. He says he preserved the evidence because he wanted to provide it to the families of the victims at some point in the future.

Tyler, for the most part, seemed to trust Don’s narrative, but Kassi isn’t convinced. Whether or whether Don is speaking the truth, his tale serves as a mechanism for him to avoid scrutiny.

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The Clovehitch Killer’s epilogue leaves the spectator with a lot of unanswered issues.

It is revealed that Tyler never departed for leadership camp but instead stayed behind and followed his father around town (like Don stalked a victim) when Kassi is called into the room.

Clovehitch Killer Ending

As Don points out, if Tyler chooses the wrong path, his mother and younger sister will be in jeopardy. Don takes advantage of Tyler’s fear that his family would disintegrate, allowing him to disarm both him and Kassi.

Once Tyler is dead, Don turns the gun on himself and pulls the trigger on his own son. His sole purpose in life is to protect himself. Kassi incapacitates Don in the final round of combat.

Don was reported missing a short time afterward. Later, in the woods, he was discovered dead of what appears to be a gunshot wound.

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Clovehitch Killer Ending

Tyler, who miraculously escapes the shooting, is shown speaking at his father’s memorial and refusing to reveal the truth about his father. Instead of reporting his father to the authorities for prosecution, he staged his death.

It is up to the viewer to decide if Tyler’s decision was the right one for the group. In the absence of her seemingly ideal spouse, we find widowed Cindy (Samantha Mathis) struggling to care for her family.

It is hard to say if Tyler should have told his mother and everyone else about the monster that was his father. What do you think? Is he right in his belief that ignorance is bliss? Tyler’s choice to assassinate his father also raises questions about Tyler’s character.

As a result of his father’s deeds, he’s now forced to live in the shadow of his own. He, too, is a killer. Son and father are alike in many ways. His mother and sister were also duped by him into believing something they weren’t aware of. Is it for the best, or is it self-preservation, like it was for his father?

For the Clovehitch Killer, Kassi’s involvement in the murder was vindicated, but the other victims remain unsatisfied. However, there’s no nice ending to this story at the end of the film.

Serial killer movies are known for their use of a cat and mouse dynamic, so this is an unusual departure from that formula. “The Clovehitch Perpetrator” isn’t about catching the killer – not for the investigators, nor for the public.


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