Convicted Sexual Assaulter Paul Haggis’ Name Will Be Removed From The Park!

Convicted Sexual Assaulter Paul Haggis' Name Will Be Removed From The Park.

If found guilty of sexual assault… and if the city council has its way… “Crash” filmmaker Paul Haggis would have his name removed from a park in his Canadian hometown.

Since his recent arrest in Italy for allegedly forcing a lady to have sex with him at a bed and breakfast, there is a rising push to change that. South London, Ontario honored the Oscar-winning filmmaker earlier in 2011 with the Paul Haggis Park.

Elizabeth Peloza, a member of the London City Council whose district includes Paul Haggis Park, told TMZ that if Paul is found guilty, she would file a request to have his name removed from the park right once.

Convicted Sexual Assaulter Paul Haggis' Name Will Be Removed From The Park.

Peloza claims that Paul is facing severe accusations, and she is dedicated to establishing a secure environment for women and girls at the park, which is why she would support clearing his name.

The director is likely much more concerned with preserving his freedom than retaining his name associated with the park, notwithstanding Paul’s attorney’s claims that his client is innocent of the charges.

But Haggis’ case’s verdict might have an impact on how maps are drawn in the future in his hometown.


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