Could Have Been Worse: Madison Le Croy’s Criticism Of Olivia Flowers

Could Have Been Worse: Madison Le Croy's Criticism Of Olivia Flowers

Refusing to. Madison LeCroy brought up her argument with Olivia Flowers and said that at first, she was only trying to be kind to Austen Kroll’s girlfriend.

“Considering Olivia and I weren’t friends, I thought her labeling me a homegirl was a bit of a dig. To be honest, I have nothing but good things to say about her,” Madison, 31, exclusively revealed to Us Weekly on Tuesday, July 12 while promoting season 8 of Southern Charm. “You guys know I’m being sarcastic, but it might have been worse when I labeled her homely. Because I believe she lives with her mother and father, I was presuming she was homeless.

The salon owner stated that unless Olivia, 30, “stops tossing it,” herself, the diss between the two “will continue.” Madison said, “I’m here for it,” before expressing her opinion over her ex-current boyfriend’s relationship. “She seems tall to me. You’re all set. I believe I placed her alongside Austen, and I believe they will make a wonderful couple.

The South Carolina native continued, “As I said, they’re both tall,” in response to a question about whether Austen, 35, and Olivia make a good fit.

Could Have Been Worse: Madison Le Croy's Criticism Of Olivia Flowers

Seasons 6 and 7 of Southern Charm previously focused on Madison’s tumultuous relationship with Austen. The hairstylist later stated that the two-year relationship was over after the couple dated intermittently. “At this time, we are not together. He and I are both 100 percent single, Madison told Us in December 2020.

The creator of Kings Calling Brewing said about having to observe their highs and lows following their split. In that same month, he revealed to Us, “I was like, ‘Austen, what are you doing?'” “What you’re watching [on television] occurred in May, June, and July. People believe we split up yesterday.

Following their breakup, Madison Le Croy moved on with Brett Randle, and after seven months of dating, the couple announced their engagement in October 2021. For his part, the Winter House actor flaunted his infatuation with Olivia in season 8.

Could Have Been Worse: Madison Le Croy's Criticism Of Olivia Flowers

Madison and Olivia found it difficult to connect during the June premiere when the newbie referred to the professional as a “homegirl.” Madison responded by sharing her opinions on the remark on social media. On June 25, she wrote as the caption of an Instagram photo, “I’d rather be a homegirl than a homely girl.”

Madison has made amends with Austen’s BFF Craig Conover even if she doesn’t agree with him about his new girlfriend.

Craig and I are friends, so we weren’t at all worried about Austen, Madison said, adding that she is also acquainted with Paige DeSorbo, her co-girlfriend. star’s I cherish Paige. I’m a huge Paige fan. She and I speak rather frequently, and Craig and I go way back.

It’s like a brother and sister bond, she continued. Therefore, whether he and I argue or disagree, it never gets vicious — even if it did [at the season 7 reunion] — but we get along.

Bravo broadcasts Southern Charm on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.


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