Date A Live Season 5 Confirmed – Check Out The Expected Release Date, More Updates!

Date A Live Season 5

There are a lot of anime adaptations that come from the manga genre, but an increasing number of television and film projects have their roots in light book series.

In 2011, Kshi Tachibana and Tsunako created the animated series Date A Live, which tells the tale of Shodi and his companions as they live in a world of “Spirits.”

After the fourth season’s twelve episodes recently ended, the show quickly announced that season five was in the works, with the franchise’s character designer sharing fresh artwork to keep fans excited for the franchise’s return.

Confirmed to Be in Production: Date a Live Season 5

Date A Live’s Japanese website and Twitter account both announced just a short while ago that season 5 was now in the works. “Date A Live V Production choice!” the post read. The fifth production choice in TV animation!

The voice cast offered their opinions on the announcement of the fifth season it. A fifth season is in the works, according to Nobunaga Shimazaki (Shido). I’m overjoyed! I’m overjoyed! Thank everybody. Many thanks!
Though IV came to a terrific conclusion, V will undoubtedly be outstanding.

An endless stream of furious developments and omens! We sincerely hope you’ll be able to finish it. Enjoy!”

Finally, we’ve come this far, said Asami Sanada (Kurumi), I feel that way. Kurumi might have remained an enigmatic figure without your help (laughs).

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Many thanks! The tale is now getting to the heart of the matter as of the fourth season’s closing scene (although it has always felt like a climax). Please be excited about it!

Although the renewal is appreciated, there were online rumors that this news would be made after the conclusion of season 4 in Japan. This week’s initial leak came from the Twitter account “SugoiLITE,” which simply stated “Date A Live TV Anime Season 5 in production.”

Date A Live Season 5

The French page “DateALive Fr” also reported that the release date for season 5 would be revealed after the season 4 finale, according to other claims from well-known leakers in Japan.

In any case, the popularity of the show and the accessibility of the source material gave fans of the anime series hope that it would return for a fifth season.

According to Anime Geek, episode 12 of season 4 will wrap up by adapting the first light book series through volume 16. There may be enough material for two more seasons of animation as of June 24th, when a total of 22 light book volumes were published in Japan.

Next, there is the opinion that Date A Live is simply successful enough to warrant a fifth season. The anime presently has an average series rating of 4.3/5 on Crunchyroll Reviews, but an unimpressive 6.9/10 on IMDB. Nevertheless, the fourth season has made only minor advancements over the first three.

Date A Live season 4 has received the highest ratings for the franchise to date on Anime-Planet and MyAnimeList, with the latter achieving 7.83/10 with over 172,000 members.

The fact that Season 4 continually appeared on the AniTrenz ongoing fan polls throughout the Spring slate, peaking in third place, shows how well-liked the series is still in general.

Although a release date has not yet been announced, according to our analysis of past broadcasts’ production cycles, season 5 of Date A Live will probably air on 21 April 2023.

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The cast of Date A Live season 5

Date A Live Season 5

Due to the fact that we do not yet know the fifth season of Date A Live’s official release date, it is still too early for us to speculate on its cast and characters.

We really don’t anticipate too many changes in the framework of season five, assuming it ever comes, given that we already know the show will have a cast that is largely fixed. The primary characters from season one who is most likely to return for the fifth season are as follows:

Character Japanese Voice Actor (Seiyū)
Shidō Itsuka Nobunaga Shimazaki
Tōka Yatogami Marina Inoue
Origami Tobiichi Misuzu Togashi
Kotori Itsuka Ayana Taketatsu
Dr. Reine Murasame Aya Endō
Kyōhei Kannazuki Takehito Koyasu
Yoshino Iori Nomizu
Kurumi Tokisaki Asami Sanada
Mana Takamiya Misato
Ryouko Kusakabe Ao Takahashi
Mai Hazakura Kayoko Tsumita
Ai Yamabuki Risako Murai
Mii Fujibakama Midori Tsukimiya
Hiroto Tonomachi Anri Katsu
Kaguya Yamai Maaya Uchida
Yuzuru Yamai Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Miku Izayoi Minori Chihara

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What Will the Fifth Season of “Date A Live” Be About?

Date A Live Season 5

The plot of Date A Live Season 5 might be based on the Koushi Tachibana and Tsunako light novel series. The fourth season of the show, which has been providing Shido with more difficulties than ever before, can keep viewers occupied.

Shido has been dating the Spirits he has encountered so far in the series. Some of them appear to have thicker shells that he must crack. You can watch the fourth season of Date A Live as well as the first three seasons on Crunchyroll.

Since he now has more than one Spirit residing with him, Shido is always juggling the attention of other women, according to Comic Book, which claims that this is how they tease the new season.

And to make matters worse, additional Spirits appear so he can seduce them. They are unsure about his intentions as he seals more and more. Will he be able to do this for much longer, or will it cause a massive space earthquake?


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