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Deborah Roberts Reports Sister Annette’s Death Following Dementia Battle!

Deborah Roberts Reports Sister Annette's Death Following Dementia Battle

Deborah Roberts Reports Sister Annette's Death Following Dementia Battle

Deborah Roberts is in mourning over the passing of Annette, her oldest sister.

The 61-year-old ABC News correspondent shared the news of her sister’s passing on social media on Tuesday. In a message on Twitter, Roberts said Annette died following a struggle with dementia, which she referred to as “a nasty disease.”

She commented, “So very sorry to lose my oldest sister, Annette,” next to a picture of the two of them. She was a welcoming and motivating influence in my life.

“Her [death] was taken by dementia, as it is for more than 200,000 Americans each year. a disgusting condition for which I hope we will someday find a remedy, “Added her.

Deborah Roberts also wrote a longer eulogy for her late sister Annette on Instagram, in which she discussed Annette’s life and legacy as well as the qualities she cherished most.

Next to two old photos of her sibling, she said, “We have lost the brightness of warm light in my family. “Annette, my oldest sister, has left the family. Prior to succumbing to problems that deprived her of all that made her so unique, she fought Alzheimer’s for five to six years. I detest this illness.”

As I was growing up, Annette was my role model. “She attended college first in our family. She also always managed to make me think she was a movie star. She is the reason I adore high fashion. (Or I attribute it to her.)”

Roberts continued by recalling how her sister obtained employment while enrolled at Fort Valley State College, enabling her to later purchase “the most exquisite ready-to-wear clothing at a high-priced store in our town called Vanity Fair.”

Roberts remarked, “I’d never seen such exquisite gowns, scarves, or shoes. “Annette was consistently the epitome of grace. She was also quite particular about cleanliness and order.”

The writer continued by outlining her sister’s achievements, including her profession as an account executive, her time spent living in Germany when her husband was stationed there, and her final move with her family to “a magnificent home” in Houston, Texas.

As she started to travel, Roberts, who is married to Today’s Al Roker, wrote, “I marveled at her worldliness.” “When we graduated from high school, she even gave my siblings and me a set of luggage. Maybe a prod, which I welcomed.”

Roberts continued, “She was usually a little quiet and controlled her emotions, but she was passionate about her son Justin, her husband Richard, and all of her family. Alana, her granddaughter, “took her heart.”

Roberts concluded her remarks about her sister in a sympathetic way: “Annette was a strong, pragmatist woman who had hope for the future. Even though I’m glad her suffering is over, I will still fervently mourn her.”

On her Instagram Story, Roberts also posted other images of her sister over the years, one of which showed the two of them hugging before their “last visit.”

Five months had passed since Roberts lost another cherished family member before Annette’s passing.

The ABC journalist reported in February that her “kind and compassionate” in-law Lawrence Clarington had passed away suddenly on social media.

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