How to Get Back Deleted Messages on iOS 16

deleted messages

Apple has improved its default Messages app in iOS 16 in a few nice ways. The capability to recover lost conversational communications is one of these. Find out how it operates by reading on.

A new “Recently Deleted” section that collects all of the text messages you’ve deleted in the previous 30 days has been added by Apple to the Messages app in iOS 16. So, if you unintentionally delete a message and then decide you want to recover it, you can now do so directly from the Messages app UI.

deleted messages

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For an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16, here’s how to recover a deleted message.

  1. To find filters like Known Senders and Unknown Senders in the Messages app, go to the main Messages screen.
  2. Press Recently Deleted.
  3. If there isn’t already a blue check mark next to each message, tap the ones you want to restore. The number of days till automated deletion is displayed next to each message (take note).
  4. The bottom-right corner of the screen should say Recover.
  5. To confirm, click the pop-Recover over’s Messages button.

All of it boils down to that. By pressing a message and choosing Erase in the bottom-left corner of the “Recently Deleted” box, you can permanently delete it. It should be noted that it could take up to 40 days for an email to be permanently deleted from Apple’s servers.


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