Destiny 2 ‘Festival Of The Lost Halloween Event’ Is On Fire And Players Are Going Crazy!

Destiny 2 'Festival Of The Lost Halloween Event' Is On Fire

The annual Halloween loot event for Destiny 2 has returned, and it’s a mess. Festival of the Lost went live yesterday, but it was rife with bugs that prevented quest progress and left players with outdated rewards. It was awful, especially for an occasion that was largely unaltered from the year before despite having its own $10 mini-battle pass now.

Festival of the Lost encourages players to don Halloween masks, grind ancient content for candy and spectral pages, and then use the latter on specialized lost sector runs where they blast enormous alien pumpkin heads for time-limited rewards. There were other things to look forward to this year, including a new set of Gundam-ass armor with a mech-inspired design.

Depending on who you ask, it’s either a joyful diversion or a soul-crushing task. A serious problem that was blocking progress and devouring spectral pages immediately put an end to whatever enthusiasm that players may have had. Some gamers continued grinding ineffectively with little to show for it, unable to advance in the questline, while others waited patiently for a remedy.


Late last night, Bungie did successfully solve the issue. Unfortunately, the opening day of the festival had already been ruined. The situation may have changed after then, but this problem was by no means the only annoying aspect of it. In Festival of the Lost, there is still a problem where, if you kill the mini-bosses too quickly, the quest will stall and the players will have to wait a few more minutes before the final boss spawns.

It’s terrible that this problem has returned because players voiced numerous complaints about it at the Festival of the Lost last year. There is also the loot that has bugs. New perk options and an origin trait that boosts players’ aiming speed when playing solo are expected to come with Festival of the Lost gear, including the brand-new Mechabre sniper rifle.

However, a few gamers have complained about receiving junk, or outdated versions of weapons with outdated bonuses. It’s much the same as receiving rocks in your trick-or-treat bag at a celebration themed after Halloween. With the summer’s Solstice of Heroes update, Bungie launched the new event pass, a $10 add-on designed exclusively for seasonal activities.

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Players have the option of using the premium version to earn additional rewards or using the free track to unlock a few. However, there aren’t many more, which has some people perplexed as to why players would spend the same amount on a few cosmetic items as it would for an entire season.

If every verse, in general, didn’t exist, one player on the subreddit said, “I wouldn’t mind paying for it.” The fact that expansions, seasons, and dungeons are all priced out but every verse is being given such significant attention feels quite terrible.

Paul Tassi of Forbes notes that it’s particularly difficult to accept when the event itself debuts with so many underlying issues. Even though it has been commercialized with the addition of the combat pass, Festival of the Lost is largely unaltered from the previous year.

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Really, there are lots of reasons to be happy besides this, therefore it’s a shame. The new Mechabre sniper rifle sounds identical to that from the original Gundam series, and the Gundam armor is badass. Then there is the ghostly horse sparrow. I wouldn’t have it any other way: Bungie’s 30th Anniversary update’s most beloved mission giver has been transformed into a wickedly fantastic space broomstick.


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